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«It is better to fall with honor than to win with fraud«


How much impudence! The psychopathic colonel usurps a doctor’s degree. Honesty is not expected from a criminal of that ilk, whose honor is nowhere to be seen. He insists on proving what a devious thief and cheat he is. That he even cheats academic honors. And following his Machiavellian teachings, we dare to say, “think ill of the psychopathic colonel and you will be right.” Since they made it impossible for him to graduate from General, so he hatched a plan. The narcissist can’t get over the fact that having seniority as a General he can’t shine a single sun on his caponas. So, Mr. Magaña concocted the plan to become a doctor to fill his gaps and committed academic fraud and that card cannot be called anything else but “corrupere furem.” Just as Satan is known by different names, the psychopathic colonel is known by multiple names that describe his sinister personality. With the name of Mr. Magaña alludes to his deceitful personality, full of tricks, cunning and corruption, full of traps and defects of the soul. All that facade of respectability has been exposed. He is an actor and that title is one of his performances.

In the institution, there are no ethical examples to follow, when the Chief leads fraud and corruption.

Unfortunately for the colonel and for society, his psychopathic nature will not be able to change even if he changes his name or changes his uniform. In general, people do not change their nature, usually people are predictable, as predictable is the psychopathic colonel. In holocaust to his Machiavellian personality, of him “think wrong and you will be right” and you will not be wrong. He is a man full of insane syndromes and insane personality disorders.

As long as the compromises continue, as long as the simulation of legality is maintained and no action is taken against the complicities that are committed, the figures and indicators of corruption in the institution are alarming and the pimping inertia discredits the esprit de corps, between undermining, cynicism, mockery, boasting, corruption and lack of honor, the prestige of the institution has gone to shit. Public opinion has looked with mistrust for several years at the products of that company.

In such a way that in addition to the colonel there are people with twisted and dark minds who remain infiltrated as decent and honorable. Because suffering from hybrisophilia Against Sussana’s foveal brilliance, there is no worthy Chucho, nor Elizabeth II who is respected. And that’s how the company is screwed up. They have damaged the good name of the institution without suffering any consequences for their improper acts, which fit perfectly into a cocktail of crimes. The narcissistic colonel suffers as a cocktail of diverse syndromes, with his disorders in his cerebral catchall. “Hibristophilia is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal and obtaining orgasm occur in response to maintaining a relationship with a person who has committed a fatality, deception, lie, known infidelity or crime”, as is the case of Sussana with his psycho colonel. She pulls more than a hair of…, than a yoke of ox.

Institutional prestige is severely eroded, there is suspicion and lack of credibility because those responsible for taking measures have allowed, through complicity or inability, to empower crime and lack of probity, led by the psychopathic colonel and his train of flying monkeys .

With malicious acts on the rise as the crudest reference to the intramural and extramural criminal spiral. There is no pressure to curb corruption. Beyond the expectedly correct discourse, the hegemonic groups remain as the cement that unites their interests, impunity and corruption, and they do everything to perpetuate them.

These complicit omissions that seek to justify their inaction, distort the moral conscience of the group and make it an ally of crime and corruption in low profile but with great scandal as an open secret.

This lack of control is a violation of the trust that has been granted to those who do not meet the requirements of good citizens, honesty and institutional transparency that they must maintain due to the functions entrusted to them. They are social scoffers, very exceptionally some are not contaminated, because there are so many debased people that this disturbing reality stops short. But since there are no punitive consequences, the omission is the complicity of someone who does not deserve any credibility, because it is like that person who is used to corrupting and being corrupted, then shamelessly simulates correction. And by turning a blind eye, with only omissions in the punishment, that person laughs with impunity and under the conviction that he has been doing well, leniency seizes prestige tarnishing the good name of the institutions. There are those who by default are cover-ups, because they prefer not to have problems with those who are the case, perpetuating the negative situation and the lack of credibility and there is no security of honesty.

The truth is that proceeding in this way, falsehood and complicity prevail, specifying a rupture between values, thus strengthening groups and threads that continue to dominate the scenarios. Along with the fraud doctor, the well-known psychopathic colonel alias Mr. Magaña. From there arises the reproach, from the lack of attention to the alarms. There are more and more cases with the same actors, where the lack of probity has consequences in the expected ethics, which means absence of guarantees, insecurity and exposure to general disrepute.

Betting that the institution loses or against a goal, defines the behavior of the psychopathic colonel. When, for example, in a soccer team one of the forwards insists on producing self-attacks by revealing to the opposing team the tactics and strategies that will be used in the match by their own team and leaving their own team exposed to lose. It is the dishonorable institutional surrender to the corruption led by the psychopathic colonel and his flying monkeys.

Let’s keep in mind that strategy is the complement of tactics, that is, how the players are going to move or how they are going to react to specific situations. This is a dynamic concept that encompasses individual and collective movements and the philosophy of the game. In the case of the institution run by the psychopathic colonel or Mr. Magaña, we must talk about criminal parameters or modus operandi.

The psychopathic colonel is a criminal player who, having been named a striker for his presumed loyalty to the team, understands the institution, its vision, its mission and society; instead he works the other way underground, to override his own defender and midfielder, so that he can affect the strategies and tactics of the goalkeeper to whom he belongs and get the ball to score against his own squad. Thus, the psychopathic colonel or Dr. Fraud or Mr. Magaña, in short, Hubris, remains on the crest of the wave of institutional crime, with the only frown of stealing, stealing, illegally filling himself with dollars, manipulating , to maliciously control to commit crimes, to cheat, to see in each lawful act the illicit face of dirty business to enrich themselves indecently contrary to the ethics that every public official should have.

Mr. Magaña appears to respect the rules of the game, when in reality he violates them in a low profile and even recklessly in public, justifying himself sinisterly, above all the rules of honor and trust received and consequently mocks them as technical director, betting on the destruction of the institution although greed breaks the sack.

The undercover enemy is the fraud doctor, Mr. Magaña, the narcissistic psychopathic colonel, or the wicked witch; an infamous being that instead of betting on the efforts of the team for the benefit and benefit of the institution; On the contrary, he designs the form and manner of remaining in the eleventh to sabotage it from within, to suck like a parasite of what he turns illicit to benefit criminally, seeking the implosion of the company, allied with his partners the flying monkeys, his lieutenants Gobballs, the troop of fools, their accomplices without self-esteem, their infamous runners without ethical virtues.

It is different to lose the game because the opposing team has prepared better, but when we see that our own strategies and tactics are developed by the rival, that makes us think of dishonorability. And it is that the rival is the alter ego of the psychopathic colonel, the moral idiot himself. It is when the alleged coincidence makes us reflect on the presence of a traitor to the country, who is the psychopathic colonel, the local boss of the mafia.

There is a depraved indifference to honor and righteousness, a manifest intention to disregard the laws and decency, engaging in criminal purposes and with the deliberate pretense of contradicting morality in a manipulation of moral thought, which we must conclude that the engine of the morality doesn’t work. That the psychopathic colonel and moral idiot has won proselytes and has instructed bandits who lead with him an ethical riot and a criminal team.

«It is discouraging to think that many people

they are scandalized by honesty and very few by fraud«

Noel Coward

Chrysanthemum Gregory Leon

[email protected]

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