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“Crimes carry punishment behind their backs.”
Miguel de Cervantes.

Not only is Ananás the stylist of the psycho colonel, there are many Abacaxi involved in crimes in the institution, in extortion and corruption; reason why Martínez, González and the other one who also makes the Willie Mays; They are just more ladybugs who like to be used so that they are also allowed to commit crime. Let’s take a look at how the psychopathic colonel’s gang is running extortion operations, as well as how its members are spending the illicit proceeds. The psychopathic colonel says: We are halfway through the week and it is going very weak, but let’s do the math.

time is moveable. The reading of this epistle must be done as episodes in different periods, like a film in different times in which past events must be kept in mind to understand current ones and dimension future ones. Where we go back to the past or update the facts and scenarios, in which the accounts never finish balancing, because the balances are made and ordered by the psychopathic colonel.

There are workers who pander under the spectator effect, there are others who parade through the streets of the mountains like zombies. And there are also other corrupt sentinels who, in the vicinity of promotions, extort US$3,700 from users for Marion on psycho colonel. Inventing impropriety so that, pressured because their goals do not become illusory, they agree to pay the extortions to which they are subjected. In psychology, the “bystander effect” or also known as Genovese syndrome, is the name given to the phenomenon whereby the probability that a person who needs help will actually receive it is lower the more people or bystanders are present in the room. that moment.

Says the psycho colonel. Hey, we’re missing the Lesbia Carlota thing and the second one, La Madrugo, the Ananás thing and the Chucho thing, which are US$1,800 each. Mutt extorts this week one thousand eight hundred dollars. — The psychopathic colonel Marion, the fraud doctor, tells Isabel, her ethylic barragana. The conversation was heard at 8:10 p.m. on May 1, 2021. Almost at the end of the day. The psychopathic colonel and the alcoholic do the math. The one who speaks is the psychopathic colonel.

Times vary, they are past, they are now but they are also yesterday, or unfortunately they could refer to the future. To the psycho colonel discredited, never promoted again, they know their prices, for how they sell themselves and sully the institution. This is how they give him a car in exchange for illegally granting documents. “Proposal that he accepted”, which is his mocking phrase in the misfortune of others. So far in this lazy week, US$1,380 have been collected, apart from the US$120 that Chucho stole from a user at the checkpoint. With those 120 US$ you make 1,500 US$. More than US$400 from Chirona. They make US$1,600 and the US$500 that you are missing and those you are wanting to forget, don’t play crazy is US$1,650. Besides, there are the US$1,280 that Ventosa and Madrugo extort, as well as Chucho for the infirmary with the complicity of Yilda, so as not to take into account the adverse diagnoses of the users. And the other week it’s going double because it’s the turn of a workshop for the Japanese car that the psychopathic colonel received corruptly as a gift in exchange for granting illegal documents to a criminal who never met the requirements. The guy in the shed who’s full of tattoos. Right now there are expenses and there is only US $460 left for the white Japanese from the alcohol company. He then receives the psychopathic colonel for himself a Japanese, at the same time that he gives another to his alcoholic. In another installment we will say what he received from the businessman father of Genesis for also giving him documents for which she never met the requirements.

What a despicable colonel, who to “cover” his rotten and corrupt essence whose stench is like cat shit; he has the audacity, the shamelessness to issue derogatory opinions against honorable people. And he thinks that by now his corrupt life and from his dirty management, people ignore who he really is and his modus operandi. And why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, and do not notice the beam that is in your own eye? Or how will you say to your brother: Let me take the speck out of your eye, and behold, the beam is in your eye? Hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. Disgusting rat!

The psychopathic colonel has suggested that Isabel, his drunken slut, buy a glock g19. The alcoholic agrees to the purchase of the weapon, and is convinced that from the control that is now headquartered, an increase in the income derived from extortion can be achieved and for this reason she asks the dethroned king for advice, where the obvious co-authorship in these crimes by the psychopathic colonel. This advice consists of settling in extortion and getting many more to pay to exempt them from the requirements to receive the coveted documents with which they will later deceive society, brandishing them as valid because they come out with all the characteristics of being legal, their receipt being illegal, because They are products of corruption.

The cheeky officials, concealers, accomplices and co-perpetrators of the crimes in the institution, the flying monkeys or the pieces of the psychopathic colonel in the commission of crimes, including extortion, are reluctant to locate and identify the “victim users” or the “corruptible and corrupting users” who will be extorted or will pay voluntarily but to the detriment of laws; so they use their bloodhound noses for illicit purposes, to obtain more dollars and thus buy more personal luxuries and increase the illicit profits for their boss, the military man who has never been promoted again. So, for example, Ananás is not only the red-handed stylist with the head of the psychopathic colonel in her hand; but together with alcohol, they are the main contributors to him in the extortion business.

The expenses that they could not justify before a state comptroller or before an anti-corruption court and with the undeclared black money of course that the psychopathic colonel and his network of criminals receive as a result of extortion; They invest them in personal luxuries, movable and immovable property, disorderly expenses like nouveau riche, and in debauchery as the members of the rainbow floor do. There is a lot of debauchery in the institution that in reality we fail to understand how these people can handle themselves in such perverse, criminal, and immoral ways, outside the law, ethics, and morality; but perversely they deviate from all that is right that healthy societies yearn for, who expect from their citizens people with robust values ​​and principles, with desirable behaviors and who serve as an example for future generations and those currently being formed. On the other hand, this dirty and immoral rabble is a stain from an unhappy period of this social institution that they have diminished in prestige and have bestially dishonored. They are infamous soldiers of another soldier without honor. They are masked “citizens” who speak seriously and petulantly in such a way that they deceive with the histrionics of evil actors.

The dollar laundering and money laundering. The businesses that we will be revealing. In addition, the psychopathic colonel and his bandits, his evil-doing monkeys, spend the extortion money on the purchase of real estate, vehicles, weapons, the best high-end mobile phones, cocaine, and on the payment of lawyers, judges, and prosecutors for some who they have been arrested. It is revealed that the gang has used the money to set up some kind of distribution of legal products, like the little store of the ethyl and this is just a poor example. All this with the hope that the dollars, the profits, multiply, but that they also serve to hide their origin.

They have destroyed the purpose and mission of the institution in their region. But just like the well-known song “five are missing for twelve” performed by Néstor Zavarse, the time will come when these criminals will receive their five for twelve and pay for the harm they have done to the corporation, to society and to so many people who have been mocked and slandered, on whom they have exercised sadism, malice and injustice. Therefore, the sweet exit for the institution must be achieved and this train of bad citizens and bad people run out of sauce. ohHow much moral and spiritual rot, how much aberration and cynicism! And you see their faces and they seem serious people incapable of committing all the crimes and immoralities that are known about them. But faces we see and bad tricks we don’t know.

The psycho colonel and his network of criminalsThey have so many remnants, vices, bad habits, bad customs, they are so corrupt and degenerate that it is certainly unheard of and incomprehensible how these ilk have come to occupy the positions they occupy in the institution. But of course, it is understandable that the psychopathic colonel put together his gang. How much disgrace and how much insult to their own souls! No one will want to be in his place at the time of giving an account before the court of God. spiritual illiterates. Now they pomp with ill-gotten riches and with the unhealthy use of their circumstantial and momentary power; but that will change.

In the investigations there is evidence that the money that moves in the institution among the flying monkeys accomplices of the psychopathic colonel that are the product of the extortion of the users, those dollars are wasted in addition to the private expenses of the corrupt officials, in the logistics, in the structure of the gang. Added to the sexual assaults To the users and users whose human rights are violated there on the solitary floor, the depravity is sinisterly alarming. In addition to jail, hell awaits all the officials who, using their position, have perverted young people and forced them to have sexual relations against their will. What a scandalous people, what a scandalous place, how much iniquity there is in the institution that is in the hands of people disguised as honest. How much spiritual horror, they should dress in sackcloth.

If we visualize Isabel the alcoholic, we remember the Latin sentence that says “it is not births that make the mother of the family, but her good customs” -Neque natales matrem familias faciunt, sed boni mores-. This is how the Romans recognized the transcendental task of women, not only as procreators, but as a source of good examples for the moral and civic growth of their children and of society as a whole. And her bad habits are not limited to the procreation of various children with different specimens; but rather in her bad habits, in her bad habits, that she is corrupt and now heads the control of the documents that constitute the main input of the products generated by the institution. How much vandalism!

Black energies to get black money. The psychopathic colonel gathers in his gang people of as much immorality as his stylist Ananás; the black collector Lesbia Carlota who is the impudent Winnie the Pooh; to his drunken barragana Isabel; Chucho the apostate, his affectionate secret from him; Sussana who lives in the low hiding place of her indecency with her wide-booted morality; among other grotesque and infamous characters. Because Colonel Marion, the fraud doctor, is like his criminal network and he likes to surround himself with the energies that keep him in his essence, because tell me who you’re with and I’ll tell you who you are. We are the average of the five people we surround ourselves with. In another installment we will talk about Joselito the driver and his wifeDiana’s legacy and her roles in the corrupt activities of the psychopathic colonel.

Even if you play Willie Mays, we know a lot about you and your adventures, psychopathic colonel. We know how a psychopath like you behaves.

“Since you are not experienced in the things of the world,
all things that have some difficulty seem impossible to you.
Trust in time, which usually gives sweet solutions, to many bitter difficulties.
Miguel de Cervantes

Crisanto Gregorio Leon

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