10 Actors Who Were Forgotten By Hollywood Overnight

Once, reading Don Miguel de Unamuno, I came across a very interesting quote. It was something like “the heaven of fame is not very big, and the more that enter it the less each of them touches.” He came to say that fame is not only a private and select club, it is also limited.

Looking for previous references to the Basque master that extended this thought, I discovered that there were already reflections in the times of the Greeks. For example, Hesiod said that “fame is dangerous” because “its weight is light at first, but it grows heavier to bear and difficult to unload.”

They may seem like two different currents of thought, but the truth is that there is a nuclear link far from the subjective periphery. For what has been stated, fame is a labyrinth of mirrors that reflect a demonic soul and a cemetery of doors and windows that give entry and exit to new dream corpses.

Hollywood is perhaps the biggest factory of souls consumed by fame. More than the music industry, whose consolidated stars more easily achieve transcendence without having to maintain that heavy backpack that Hesiod mentioned in his quote.

The world of cinema expels, devours and engulfs stars with the same ferocity and speed with which Cronus cut down his own family tree. However, there is no Zeus here to save the actors and actresses who have been ostracized.

A sentence from which, moreover, it is not easy to get out. There are many examples of actors who have been on everyone’s lips and have lost their professional career at the first opportunity.sometimes for no apparent reason, other times consumed by their own fame, some by bad decisions.

Be that as it may, today we are going to review the case of 10 actors who were very famous and were forgotten by Hollywood. Stars punished by the film industry, entertainment and liquid modernity.

1) Chris O’Donnell

who does not remember Chris O’Donnell? Whoever grew up “filmically” in the 90s can put a face to the Robin of Batman Forever Y Batman&Robin. An actor who also enjoyed greater relevance thanks to works such as essence of power, Fried Green Tomatoes either things that never die.

In his day, he was one of the most desired interpreters by the big studios. In fact, he was leading the castings for titanic Y spider-man, which ultimately went to Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, respectively. And even there the story of Chris O’Donnell.

Overnight, the actor fell into oblivion and his film career stagnated in such a way that good Chris made the decision to leave it for a while. He was disenchanted with his job. He returned tenuously to star in CSI: Los Angeles and a little more.

2) Carrie-Anne Moss

Carrie-Anne Moss

A regular on American television, Carrie-Anne Moss hit the Hollywood table together with Keanu Reeves with the premiere of matrix. After that first installment of the Wachowski sisters, job offers began to arrive like raindrops.

Carrie-Anne Moss was seen in chocolate, memento Y Red planet. The three films seemed to establish that the actress would have a meteoric career. A kind of “cifi queen” that she had established and consolidated her professional career with just four films.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Carrie-Anne Moss went from being on everyone’s lips to being on nobody’s lips. The end of the trilogy matrix exhausted all the cartridges and led her to combine film and television without penalty or glory. Only the return of the sci-fi franchise has brought it back.

3) Josh Harnett

Josh Harnett

Writing this article —I was in the car, on a trip to the Aragonese Pyrenees—, I asked my mother if she remembered Josh Harnett. “The handsome one with the slanted eyes, right?” He told me. I laughed out loud and nodded my head. “The movie sucked, but he was the best thing in it.”

He was obviously referring to pearl harbor. That film established him as the new Hollywood heartthrob after Leonardo DiCaprio’s refusal to become the benchmark for that genre, thus falling into the hands of Martin Scorsese and… Well, what am I going to tell you that you don’t know.

Beyond pearl harborJosh Harnett starred in titles as revered as The Faculty, Halloween H20 either the virgin suicides. Films all of them that highlighted him as a significantly relevant actor in the Hollywood film industry.

However, Josh Harnett is a very curious case on this list. The forgetfulness or ostracism of him, the exile of him, has been practically voluntary. On more than one occasion he has stated that he likes to keep a “low profile”; that is, out of the spotlight, as far as possible from the weight of fame.

An interest obtained, things as they are, since Josh Harnett quickly became secondary in the industry. We have enjoyed it in films like Hollywood: homicide department Y the black dahliabut perhaps the highlight of him recently has been the television series of Penny Dreadful.

4) Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin

One of the biggest “broken toys” in movie history. franchise protagonist Home alonefame came to him so quickly and in such an extraordinarily overwhelming way, at such a young age, that he ended up exploding into a sick, troubled and contentious adolescence.

Drugs, alcohol, abuse. Macaulay Culkin The saying “from star to star” made good with a terrible human and media decadence. Little by little, it has been reformed. Unfortunately, it is already too late.

5) Lindsey Lohan

More of the same. As in the case of Macaulay Culkin, Lindsay Lohan fame came too soon. Surely, he did not even know the meaning of that word and the magnitude of being recognized by everything and everyone. But, at that age, everything seems fun, innocent and immature.

Lindsay Lohan was one of those “Disney girls” who are on television all over the world as soon as they end up at a gas station selling packs of cigarettes and remembering the good times they lived. The truth is that that life would have been better than the one chosen by Lohan.

The actress lived at the same speed as fame, hand in hand. Her alcohol problems forced her to go through legal proceedings after being caught driving while intoxicated… Up to three times! She was even sentenced to go to jail.

his judgment, as mediatic as that of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp, was broadcast on streaming by the entertainment website TMZ. We haven’t heard from her since.

6) Edward Furlong

Edward Furlong

Do you remember the guy who played John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day? Indeed, Edward Furlong. Her fame in that 1990s spread without any brake. she appeared in Before and after, Pecker, the grass harp and, of course, the magnificent American History X.

His career path was truly promising, one of those careers that the entire industry envied. Fame, alcohol and drugs stood between Edward Furlong and his job, and ended up condemning him to the greatest possible ostracism.

Hollywood’s punishment for Edward Furlong is one of the harshest and most severe in memory. Do you know how many jobs he has had in recent years? One. And not a very prominent one. It was an episode of CSI: New York. Terrible how this actor has fallen into oblivion.

7) Taylor Kitsch

taylor kitsch

The brutal success that taylor kitsch with Friday Night Lights made it the epicenter of desire for all the major Hollywood studios. The film industry was clear that this actor was going to be the great generational change what they were looking for His career was done.

The ‘majors’ were so convinced that Taylor Kitsch was going to be the hot actor of the 2010s that they gave him blockbusters on a platter John Carter Y Battleship. The two blockbusters were as big a failure as the interpreter’s shipwreck.

Since then, studios have lost faith in Taylor Kitsch and turned their backs on her. They blamed him for the failures of John Carter Y Battleship. The actor turned from a movie star to a television role. He starred The Normal Heart and the second season of true detective.

This second installment of the HBO series was also a flop. spread the rumor and the legend has spread that Taylor Kitsch brings bad luck. You still have a chance, but… You know how this works.

8) Alice Silverstone

Alice Silverstone

We don’t want to say anything but Alice Silverstone shares deviated trajectory because of the Joel Schumacher’s Batman with another actor who has appeared on this list. And that this girl had all the ballots to become a Hollywood superstar.

clueless and a couple of Aerosmith video clips she appeared in made Alicia Silverstone’s name shine in the Los Angeles sky. The year was 1995 and California was preparing to welcome her new fashion star with open arms. But the “grace” was short-lived.

Alicia Silverstone was aware that she was going to be consumed by the same industry that greeted her effusively in her day and tried to remedy it. She set up her own production company, she tried to emulate the success of clueless and ended up understanding that his time was up.

9) Halle Berry

Halle Berry

in his day, Halle Berry he was everything a Hollywood star wanted to be. She earned a lot of money, her name was on everyone’s lips, she was considered one of the most attractive women in the world, her studios fought over her and she won such prestigious awards as the Oscar for Best Actress.

Literally, Halle Berry became the “queen of Hollywood” thanks to her extraordinary roles, especially the work in Monster’s Ball. Perhaps what happened with Halle Berry is that she didn’t have the best agent possible and she didn’t end up casting the roles she should have cast.

the aberrations of catwoman, seducing a stranger Y Gothika they made one of today’s hottest actresses a Razzie regular. The public and the studios got tired of Halle Berry and now she is neither here nor expected. A real pity.

10) Mena Suvari

Mena Suvari

It was the year 99 and some believed that the world was going to end. The Hollywood industry was preparing for the advent of technology and the so-called “digital age.” But what did not change in the world of cinema and entertainment was the commitment to blonde-haired beauties.

Mena Suvari appeared in Los Angeles as a true divinity fallen from heaven. Her spectacular physique, her tangible beauty and her willingness to leave an enormous impact in her wake carved a monumental niche for her in Hollywood. She was a catalog woman. A women’s museum.

american beauty, American Pie… AMERICAN NOTHING! Overnight, Mena Suvari went from being the blonde everyone was pining for to being the blonde who only got into small-time, less-interest projects.

His professional career quickly turned to movies that absolutely nobody cares about, lousy quality TV movies, cheap projects, irrelevant television series and other trifles. Survives, but far from media exposure which he enjoyed for a couple of years.

10 Actors Who Were Forgotten By Hollywood Overnight