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New releases like Don’t Worry Darling and Barbarian are gripping thrillers and two promising additions to a year that’s already filled with unforgettable crime stories, supernatural mysteries, and seemingly minor issues spiraling out of control.

2022 has a huge range of different thrillers to offer for all tastes, with some titles opting for a fast-paced narrative with frenetic action and others for a subtle mystery that gradually escalates into an intense climax.

10 The Black Phone – 3.46

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The intense The Black Phone was one of the most anticipated supernatural thrillers since film festival buzz last year. Set in the ’70s and starring Ethan Hawke playing a psychopathic serial killer, the film had everything in its favor to deliver an original story and an iconic new Bloomhouse villain.

The film can be divided into two plots: the investigation of a series of missing teenagers in a small town, and the game of cat and mouse played by a young boy who becomes the victim of the killer known as the Grabber. . Even with the spooky atmosphere, the film manages to capture a nostalgic feel and address the powerful love between two siblings that could be the key to finally catching the Grabber.

9 Emergency – 3.51

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As the title suggests, the film aims to show desperate attitudes and impulsive actions that the story’s many urgencies call for. The urgency works mostly because of the constant atmosphere that something terrible could happen at any moment, creating an anxiety-inducing narrative where every little detail makes the situation worse for the main characters.

The indie thriller centers on three friends who are forced to interrupt an unforgettable night of partying after an unexpected obstacle gets in the way. As they discuss whether to call the police, the film evokes an important social commentary and uses it brilliantly to plunge the story into a chaotic night of unimaginable proportions.

8 Criminal Emily – 3.52

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Aubrey Plaza singlehandedly carries this Sundance thriller, in what might be her most memorable performance yet. She plays the terribly unlucky Emily, a young woman who gets caught up in a credit card scam plot that forces her to plunge headlong into the criminal underworld in a desperate attempt to get out clean.

Ultimately, Emily The Criminal is a remarkably sharp crime thriller in its anti-capitalist message. Exposing the filth that rules society, the film follows Emily as she descends down the rabbit hole into a succession of dangerous, yet often relatable, situations that might as well threaten her life.

7 fee – 3.52

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Hulu’s Fresh is a charming blend of comedy and thriller about the horrors of modern dating. Ignoring all possible red flags, innocent Noa falls for the wrong man and is lured into a dangerous scheme.

The film’s 40-minute intro can easily fool viewers just as it fooled Noa about how Fresh can be an enchanting love story, which it isn’t. As soon as Noa’s new boyfriend’s intentions are revealed, the film takes a dark and unexpected turn and descends into an absolute nightmare involving betrayal, unconventional finger food, and many scattered body parts.

6 Body Body Body – 3.60

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For the most part, Bodies Bodies Bodies begins as a fun party game movie but quickly turns into an engrossing murder mystery. Bringing together a cast of up-and-coming movie stars, the premise of the film is simple: a group of wealthy teenagers at an exorbitant party decide to play a seemingly innocent game that will lead to a deadly mood of suspicion among friends.

Adapting well-known murder mystery tropes to a modern storyline taken on by media obsession and acclaimed scholars, Bodies Bodies Bodies is a gripping thriller on its surface but leaves room for heavy thinking and sharp satire.

5 high-speed trains – 3.60

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The fun Bullet Train is a chaotic mess of weird characters and frenetic action sequences in the best possible way. Adapting a 400+ page book into a 2 hour movie, the film is guaranteed to give viewers an adrenaline rush with its fast pace and non-stop confrontations.

Brad Pitt plays an assassin who seems to bring him all the bad luck in the world. Boarding a train on a seemingly simple mission, he finds himself caught up in a deadly conspiracy of dangerous assassins and their conflicting goals. Bullet Train is committed to being an intense experience from start to finish, leaving no room to breathe and no time to look away from the screen. There’s a lot going on all the time, which makes the film an incredibly unconventional thriller.

4 The Innocents – 3.63

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The Innocents is an intimate Norwegian supernatural thriller that features some of the most impressive child actors in recent memory. Carefully developing each of the character’s arcs, the film pushes the narrative towards something as fantastical as it is frightening; four children become friends and discover a mysterious bond between them endowed with strange powers; abilities that could have horrific consequences in the wrong hands.

Few thrillers can sustain such a compelling narrative solely with child characters, but The Innocents manages to put viewers in each of the children’s shoes as they begin to grow apart. Dealing with themes such as friendship, loneliness and guilt, the film meticulously develops a chilling mystery with unpredictable twists.

3 Thirteen Lives – 3.67

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It was perhaps an odd choice to release Thirteen Lives less than a year after The Rescue, the documentary about the real-life rescue of a group of young boys and their football coach trapped in an underground cave, which details every aspect of the mission with real images.

While the film brilliantly captures the desperation and urgency of the rescue mission and gives depth to the characters, the case and current events were too fresh in viewers’ memories for them to find it as relevant as she could be later. Still, Thirteen Lives is an engrossing rescue thriller about the fragility of life, and also a record-breaker after earning the highest test score in MGM history.

2 No – 3.92

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Jordan Peele’s Nope is one of the most controversial thrillers of the year, leaving plenty of room for interpretations of the film’s hidden meanings. Even though his ambiguous narrative doesn’t win over everyone, Peele still manages to confuse viewers with his carefully crafted mystery and visually stunning shots.

Using the unknown to her favor, Nope follows two siblings living in a remote ravine who make a bad discovery. It’s the perfect film to be completely blind to the plot, and one could argue that it will be hard for future thrillers to top the film’s terrifying climax, which masterfully blends thriller and horror.

1 The Batman – 4.08

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Matt Reeves’ The Batman is a superhero film at its core, but it’s also undeniably a spectacular thriller. In line with David Fincher’s investigative films, the city of Gotham is presented almost as a character in its own right; a lair of conspiracy, crime lords and a confusing killer lurking in the dark, taking down some of the city’s most influential political figures one by one.

This Bruce Wayne is cold and introverted, an incredible combat hero but also a talented amateur detective. With a daring three-hour runtime, The Batman features a range of suspicious characters and establishes an atmosphere of constant danger as a mysterious corruption plot unfolds.

10 Best Thriller Movies Of 2022 So Far, According To Letterboxd | Pretty Reel