10 Horror Movies That Will Definitely Make You Hate Sex

Many horror movies include scenes where their protagonists have sex, but they are usually quite uncomfortable for viewers.

On many occasions, sexual relations in horror movies have an implicit message: if you have them, you die. This has happened in many films of the genre, such as Halloween, Friday the 13th or Chucky. On the other hand, some horror movies use quite brutal, violent or creepy sex scenes to make viewers uncomfortable.

This is a list of horror movies that include sex scenes that will stay in your head for a long time and that you can add to your Halloween marathon this year.

A Serbian Movie (2010)

In A Serbian Movie, a nearly retired porn star, Milos (Srđan Todorović), agrees to take part in an “artistic” porn movie to pay off his debts. When he wakes up in a bed full of blood, Milos begins to remember what he has done under the influence of certain substances that they gave him to film what, in reality, was a movie with a pedophilia and necrophilia theme.

Teeth (2007)

Dawn (Jess Weixler) preaches abstinence before marriage at Christian youth meetings. A classmate tries to rape her, but he didn’t expect Dawn’s vagina to have sharp teeth.

Rosemary’s Baby (1969)

Roman Polanski’s popular film follows Rosemary (Mia Farrow) and Guy (John Cassavetes) as they move into a posh New York apartment despite being warned by the landlord about the property’s terrifying history. After a dream in which Rosemary is raped by Satan, she becomes pregnant.

Manic (1980)


In the Maniac franchise, created by William Lustig, Frank (Joe Spinell) always has his surgical instruments nearby when he meets a woman. His interest in women is as one-sided as it is terrifying: the psychopathic killer scalps his victims after they have sex and decorates his mannequin with it.

Trouble Every Day (2001)


In Trouble Every Day, by Claire Denis, a scientist creates a creature that kills and eats its sexual partners. Unfortunately, the researcher’s wife, got caught up during the experiments that got out of control and now wanders the streets to lure her next victim.

It Follows (2014)


Jay (Maika Monroe), 19, did not imagine her first sexual encounter this way: when she wakes up dazed and tied to a chair, her boyfriend sadly explains that he did not have sex with her for love, but to deliver her to a demon.

The Fly (1986)


Scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum) develops a teleporter. However, during the first self-experiment a fly sneaks into one of the cabins with devastating consequences. Before Seth turns into a fly, he has sex with his wife, and when she becomes pregnant, it becomes clear that there is a cocktail of DNA in her baby.

Bordello of Blood (1996)


A brothel with vampires, there is nothing more to say. The film was directed and produced by Gilbert Adler, known for other horror films such as House of Evil, 13 Ghosts and Tales from the Crypt.

Antichrist (2009)


Starring Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg, Antichrist tells the story of a couple who lose their son. Faced with Ella’s anxiety attacks, He decides to give her psychological therapy personally, even though he is aware that he is unethical. They both retire to a cabin in the middle of the woods, which they call Eden, hoping to repair their marriage and rebuild their lives.

Dead Girl (2008)


In Deadgirl, from director Marcel Sarmiento, two high school students encounter a zombie girl tied up in an abandoned psychiatric hospital and repeatedly rape her. She will not miss the opportunity to attack them to turn them into zombies.

10 Horror Movies That Will Definitely Make You Hate Sex