10 premiere films that you should see as a break in this summer of 2022

They are rabidly current titles, recent, that perhaps you have missed, or that you know nothing about, and in short, I would recommend that you take advantage of these days of relaxation to enjoy them. I think you won’t regret it. You can’t read the reviews of some of them yet, because we have to respect the embargo, but at least there you have the early recommendation.

1) Top Gun: Maverick

It will almost certainly be the highest grossing film of 2022, worldwide, and also in Spain. There are reasons. Popcorn cinema, old-fashioned, with an absolute absence of “woke” elements, with values ​​and super entertaining, great action scenes and Tom Cruise proving that there are still stars in the Hollywood firmament. It can be seen in movie theaters.

two) Father there is only one 3

Spanish cinema should make a monument to Santiago Segura. The third installment of his family saga maintains the level of the previous films, serving up a very nice film that will please both young and old, with early Christmas in July. It can be seen in movie theaters.

3) the unseen agent

On Netflix they launch a franchise to compete with Bond, James Bond, now the new secret agent in mode is Sierra 6. Released in theaters and already available on netflix, is fast-paced action cinema served by the Russo brothers, responsible for many Marvel films. He doesn’t invent gunpowder, but he doesn’t pretend to and it looks great.

4) lucky

The best animated film of this summer premieres on platforms, Apple TV +. John Lasseter returns to the scene in this film of a newly coming-of-age orphan who learns the concepts of good and bad luck as he tries to help a parentless girl like her.

5) thirteen lives

Another premiere direct to streaming, on Amazon Prime Video, about the true story of a soccer team of kids in Thailand, trapped in a cave, and their incredible rescue. Directed by a director as talented as Ron Howard, with actors like Viggo Mortensen and Colin Farrell: epic and heroic films like this are missed in Hollywood today.

6) Bullet Train

Getting on this bullet train that travels from Tokyo to Kimura with Brad Pitt is the equivalent of riding a roller coaster, as the film is an adrenaline-fueled non-stop with plenty of murderers and recognizable Tarantine humor. The film can be seen in theaters from August 5.

7) black phone

Quality horror cinema, apparently the story is concocted by a son of Stephen King, who prevents his name Joe Hill from being associated with his father’s. The fact is that this story of a psychopathic kidnapper of children puts hair like spikes and is tremendously original. Even can be seen in theaters.

8) Elvis

Spectacular approach to “The King” Elvis Presley, through the eyes of his manager “The Colonel”, with all the baroque style of its director Baz Luhrmann. Unmitigated visual spectacle, formidable music and dancing, of course, and great acting work by Austin Butler and Tom Hanks. He does not seek so much the detail as the experience. Even in theaters.

9) don’t let me go

It may not be a perfect film, but this film with an unexpected twist about the relationship of a terminally ill divorced father, who tries to strengthen ties with his teenage daughter and secure his future, is interesting. Streaming on Amazon Primeand with good interaction between John Cho and Mia Isaac.

10) Flight from Mogadishu

Korean cinema, which takes place in Somalia, when the civil war breaks out in the country, a real and diplomatic story about the unexpected ties that will emerge between the representatives of the embassies of North and South Korea. Available streaming on Movistar Plus+ and other platforms.

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