3 Things You Didn’t Know About Netflix’s Jeffrey Dahmer Series

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story made an impression at the start of the 2022 school year. The Netflix series indeed tells the story of the Milwaukee cannibal. Thus, the public finds itself torn between disgust and fascination due to the work accomplished by the team. The main actor notably delivers an impressive and terrifying interpretation of authenticity. Therefore, the result raises many questions.

Families of Dahmer’s victims have not been informed

The Dahmer-series is based on a true story that terrorized Milwaukee between 1978 and 1991, so it involves non-fictional characters. Over this period, Jeffrey Dahmer had 17 known victims. Tracy Edwards, on the other hand, managed to escape and alert the police, leading to the arrest of the serial killer in 1991. The criminal was sentenced to life the following year, then killed by another inmate in 1994 .

According to lead actor Evan Peters, it was agreed from the start never to tell the story from the murderer’s point of view. The production then focused on the victims and the systemic racism that made these murders possible. Through this approach, the series wanted to escape the trap of dramatizing the crimes perpetrated and humanizing the central character.

The objective was to relate the facts and to denounce the related societal problems, with respect for the victims and their families. However, the very existence of the project was not known until the release of the series for most of those concerned. The families of the victims have thus deplored this lack of consideration, even if the file is part of the public archives. In his defense, the creator of the series indicated that the families contacted never called back the production team.

The main actor Evan Peters had to be followed psychologically

Created by Ryan Murphy, the Dahmer series is carried by its favorite actor Evan Peters, again playing a psychopath. Indeed, the actor and the filmmaker are no strangers to this type of role. They have even repeated the experience several times since the first season of American Horror Story in 2011. That said, Peters had to play a real serial killer this time around.

Unlike his previous roles, the actor prepared by focusing on a single criminal. He therefore immersed himself in the character through biographies, interviews, police reports, psychological analyses… He also lingered on the interrogations for more authenticity. Peters then managed to adopt Dahmer’s facial expressions and even linear phrasing.

Such an experience is trying for an actor. However, Evan Peters has just recovered from the aftermath of American Horror Story: Cult. In the series, he played a social media troll, far-right sympathizer who became a cult leader. The actor has also interpreted Andy Warhol, Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applewhite, Jesus Christ and Charles Manson. After that grueling season, he went to psychotherapy and took a two-year hiatus…until Dahmer.

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A Link to the Killer Clown

The Dahmer-series of netflix was the test season of new concept from Ryan Murphyto know “Freak“. The title is also displayed near the name of the Milwaukee cannibal. Following the success of Dahmer, the SVOD service decided to renew the series for two seasons. The idea is to reuse the anthology formula of American Horror Story, focusing on serial killers. To some extent, Dahmer’s latest episode gave some insight into the concept.

Indeed, episode 10 alludes to John Wayne Gacy’s modus operandi. This appearance also makes it possible to evoke the strange connection between the killer clown and Dahmer. The latter notably made his first victim the year of Gacy’s arrest. On the other hand, Dahmer was baptized in prison, on a day of annular eclipse, at the time of the execution of the clown with the 33 murders.

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