5 series to watch this fall to get into cocooning mode

Comforting, fascinating or exotic, these series are the best remedy to fight against the cold and the depression of autumn. Take out the plaid and follow the guide: the (best) marathon of the year can finally begin.

1 The winning trio: Friends, How I Met Your Mother and New Girl

We had to start with this very mainstream choice, but completely assumed. Who hasn’t already redone the entirety of one of these series (or all three) only a few months after having finished it? Friends, How I Met Your Mother and New Girl are addictive productions that you could watch over and over again for eternity. We will not enter into the eternal debate of influence, nor that of the similarities between each show. It’s no secret, Friends is one of the sitcoms most profitable of all time, and it has inspired many productions. However, let’s not denigrate his lineage, which is just as interesting.

This winning trio is a must, because it tells us about a timeless and essential subject: friendship. Everyone approaches it in their own way, whether over a coffee at Central Perk, in a bar in New York or in a roommate in Los Angeles. Laughter, crushes, failures… We follow the adventures of these bands of friends as if we were part of them. We identify with the characters as much as we become attached to them, and we find in them particularities of our own friends. We wonder who the mom of the group is, like Monica, who is as funny as Chandler, as heavy as Barney, and as positive (and exhausting) as Jess. Even if some scenes have aged badly and jokes seem problematic to us todaythese three series make us (a lot) laugh and allow us to forget the grayness of November for several seasons.

Where ? Friends on netflix, How I Met Your Mother on Disney+ and New Girl on Disney+.

2 The most comforting: Gilmore Girls

This is the comforter series par excellence. Passenger slack? Rainy day ? Need a comforting work? The answer to all these problems can be summed up in two words: Gilmore Girls. Admittedly, the show does not take us on a million dollar fantasy world. But strangely, the ordinary daily life of an ordinary family in an ordinary town is fascinating. The pitch is in one sentence: in the small town of Stars Hollow, Lorelai is raising her daughter Rory alone, whom she had at the age of 16. With their repartee and their extraordinary complicity, the teenager and her mother can only seduce us.

We share their moments of life, from the galleys in high school to the disappointments in love through their movie-popcorn evenings at home. A few episodes are enough to get attached to the gallery of characters, all as crazy as each other. Between the psychorigid and obsessive neighbor, the grandmother who wants to control everything and the best friend who sends contradictory signals, there is no time to get bored. We laugh, we cry, we get angry, we cry out against injustice… Gilmore Girls makes us go through all the emotions and above all promises us a very sweet autumn with the most awesome mother-daughter duo all time.

Where ? On netflix.

3 The most positive: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Scenario, characters, dialogues… This series is completely barred, and this, from the first scene. It all starts when four women are freed from a bunker after years of captivity. They were kidnapped 15 years earlier by the guru of a cult, who assured them that they were the only survivors of the Apocalypse. At 29, Kimmy Schmidt sees this release as a second chance. The opportunity to start from scratch and start a whole new life. His playground? New York. His action plan? She has none. But this small detail will not slow her down. Always positiveshe walks the streets of the city to find a job and accommodation.

Over the seasons, Kimmy Schmidt builds a new life for herself and overcomes obstacles with unwavering dynamism. She catches up on the 15 years she lost and goes into raptures over cell phones, discovers for the very first time love relationships, work, parties, alcohol… and friendship. His adventure in the Big Apple will be punctuated by improbable encounters like Lilian, the dealer landlord who demands the rent every two minutes, or Titus, the gay roommate who dreams of becoming a star on Broadway. The characters are touching and funny, and take us completely into their story. The four seasons devour each other very quickly and are a real good mood shooter. They make us smile and help us put life into perspective – just that.

Where ? On netflix.

4 The most magical: The OA

Poetic, sensitive, hypnotic… The OA deserves all the most beautiful adjectives of the French language. The series ticks all the boxes: the images are beautiful, the script is crazy and the actors are exceptional. This is the kind of work that we would like to forget in order to be able to rediscover it with amazed eyes. Released in 2016, it has often been compared to Stranger Things and Twin Peaks – we told you, it’s heavy. The story begins the day Prairie, a visually impaired teenager, suddenly reappears seven years after being abducted.

His return raises many questions. Who kidnapped her? Why ? What happened ? Why doesn’t she recognize his first name and refuses to be touched? And above all: how did she regain her sight? His relatives, science and the FBI will try to answer these questions.

The return of the young woman is shrouded in mystery, especially since she makes incoherent remarks. She claims to be called the AO and has died many times. The series deals with themes such as captivity, freedom or even death. The character of Prairie is as enigmatic as it is moving and pushes us to chain the episodes to understand what really happened to him. It’s the perfect series to start (and binge) on a rainy and tasteless day. It will give it more than amazing colors.

Where ? On netflix.

5 The most touching: Orphan Black

Released in 2013, this Canadian series did not meet the success it deserved. It is worn by Tatiana Maslany (who has made a name for herself in the MCU with the series she hulk), whose game is simply stunning. Orphan Black follows the adventures of Sarah Manning, a punk orphan in her twenties with a tumultuous past. Her life changes when she witnesses the suicide of a certain Elizabeth Childs, who looks exactly like her. She takes the opportunity to steal his identity and start a whole new existence, far from her drug dealer and violent boyfriend. Little by little, she discovers that Beth was hiding many secrets and investigating an extraordinary case.

Troubled by this striking resemblance, Sarah eventually learns that this stranger was not her twin, but a clone – and that there are a number of them in North America and Europe. She will then go to meet them and realize that they have all built a life and have a different nationality, character, emotions and tastes. There’s Cosima, the science geek, Alison, the housewife from Desperate Housewivesor even Helena, the psychopath who wants to kill them all.

Tatiana Maslany brilliantly embodies this dozen clones and manages to make us laugh and cry with all her personalities. The characters are endearing and their unique relationship is very moving. The plot is just as captivating, and will not only appeal to science fiction fans. The investigation and the twists give rhythm to the episodes and allow us to never drop out. Orphan Black is a real nugget, and its five seasons will be your best ally to face the fall.

Where ? On AppleTV+.

5 series to watch this fall to get into cocooning mode