A Christmas to survive

The Netflix platform continues to bet on Spanish products of a certain quality. We have been able to see in it high-level series such as The paper house or Intimacy. This summer that is coming to an end highlights a proposal that does not explore new territories nor does it intend to. It is content simply and simply to entertain, to leave the viewer breathless, and it succeeds. We talk about The longest nightcreated by Víctor Sierra and Xosé Morais, full of intrigue, action and characters that have more than one secret.

We are at Christmas, specifically on Christmas Eve. Hugo Roca (Alberto Amman) is finishing putting up the tree decorations, and his three children vibrate with excitement for the family dinner that awaits them. But this promise of tranquility and fun is truncated with a simple phone call.

Hugo must go to his place of work: the Monte Baruca psychiatric prison, because a new prisoner is going to arrive, someone very important whom he must lodge overnight until the judge comes the next morning.

He takes his young children with him, and when he arrives at the prison he finds a hectic atmosphere, especially when everyone knows this new inmate. His name is Simón Lago (Luis Callejo) and the press nicknames him The alligator.

He is a prolific serial killer, as deadly as he is intelligent. And then the night becomes more and more complicated with the arrival at the prison of a convoy of mercenaries, armed and prepared, with a specific mission: to get Simón out of prison, at whatever price is necessary.

Why this deployment to get a psychopath out of jail? Who really is Simon? How does this killer know who Hugo is? These questions and many more will only have their answer… if they watch the series.

As we pointed out at the beginning, The longest night He has not invented anything new in terms of his approach. It is a simple premise, which many will remember, for example, The Money Heist, as an intrigue of a single scenario where the characters that come out have a lot to say.

The plot unfolds through flashbacks, where we learn who they are and how they find themselves in this situation. That is why you have to be very attentive in each chapter, since there are numerous details that will reveal the secrets of the plot.

And all this with a style very close to the classic American B series that we can find in films like Assault on the 13th district police station, by John Carpenter, or the classic Jungle Glass, by Bruce Willis, to give two close and understandable examples.

retro air

These antecedents have their influence on the shape of the device, since the atmosphere, although contemporary, exudes a certain retro air, in its muted colors, in its suffocating environment. Framed as it could not be otherwise, by sensational acting performances such as those of the protagonists, Alberto Amman, who rose to fame with Cell 211, and Luis Callejo, a truly terrifying monster. There are truly luxurious sidekicks such as Daniel Albaladejo, Manolo Solo, Roberto Álamo and many others that can be discovered throughout the chapters.

The longest night It is, in short, a fiction of pure adrenaline, where there is no time for respite and that continues to mark a good performance on Spanish television. For all those who like mystery and action, do not hesitate, this is your series.

A Christmas to survive