Actors tied to a character and pigeonholed

No matter how long or successful their careers have been, there are actors forever marked by a particular role. A mythical character who catapulted them to fame, but that pigeonholed them forever.

For some it was lucky because it helped them achieve stardom. For others, a ballast that they have never been able to get rid of. Here are some of those actors tied to the character that marked their lives, for better or for worse.

Christopher Reeve as Superman

played that one Superman from the eighties that for many will always be unique and irreplaceable, no matter how hard DC tries to recover it for the cinema. Reeve brought the Kryptonian hero to life in four installments, all available on Orange TV. It’s funny, but from the beginning he had doubts about whether to accept the role. He was afraid that his career would be marked forever and they say it was Sean Connerywho had gone through a similar experience with James Bond, who convinced him to accept.

Sigourney Weaver as Lt. Ripley

The actress has worked on modern classics such as ‘Gorillas in the Mist’, ‘The Year We Lived Dangerously’ and ‘Death and the Maiden’. However, we all remember her for what was her first role: Lieutenant Ripley from ‘Alien’, with several of her installments available on Orange TV and for which she was nominated for an Oscar. It was 1979 and rarely had a woman been seen female lead in an action film, horror and science fiction. Years later, she continues to play Ripley even in television parodies and he has come to affirm that, after putting himself in his shoes, no man dared to harass her.

Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker

Although many actors would have given anything to work in the ‘Star Wars‘ from the 1970s, Luke Skywalker turned Mark Hamill into one of those actors tied to one character. He strove to get out of his role as the blameless hero and sought refuge in very different jobs, such as those he offered on Broadway. His inability to pick up his career it took its toll on the emotional level And it has taken him years to reconcile with the young Jedi. He looks like he got it with his return to the franchise in 2015. “If he didn’t come back, he would be the most hated guy in the world,” came to confess. The saga is complete on Orange TV.

Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister

The concept of ‘broken toy’ seems to marry perfectly with Macaulay Culkin, the remembered Kevin McCallister from ‘Home Alone’, a film available on Orange TV. It is not easy for a child to succeed thanks to his angelic appearance and to see that the producers stop knocking on his door when he becomes an angel. troubled teenager. Conflicts with drugs, with her parents and comments of all kinds about her relationship with Michael Jackson made headlines. Although in recent years she has tried to redirect his career path, it seems that she will never be able to shake the weight of Kevin.

Linda Blair as Regan McNeil

Or ‘the girl from the exorcist’, because many don’t even remember the name of her character. Among the actors tied to a character, Linda Blair cannot be missing. She was only 14 years old when she rose to fame and the hard scenes that she starred in shocked half the world. It was after ‘The Exorcist’ that she started her real nightmare. Not just because they only thought of her to play abused and troubled girls. She had to hide from a group of fanatics that threatened her with death, convinced that she was actually possessed by the devil. Both the first and second parts of the saga are on Orange TV.

Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates

‘Psycho’, available on Orange TV, was one of the first films that showed such a psychopath in action. The image of Norman Bates so impressed the society of the time that Perkins was forever marked. And that he worked with directors like Welles, Clement and Chabrol. He played Bates three more times, in films that have little to do with Hitchcock’s artistic quality, and his career went into decline, something to which his shy personality contributed.

Elijah Wood as Frodo Bolson

Elijah Wood has already risked becoming a forgotten child star, having been making movies since he was eight years old. He dodged that bullet, but it is difficult for the public to stop associating him with the ‘hobbit’ star of ‘The Lord of the Rings’, one of the most famous trilogies in cinema and which can be enjoyed on Orange TV. Perhaps for this reason, since then he has only accepted papers as far removed from Frodo’s innocence as possible, like the psychopath from ‘Maniac’ and the nini from ‘Wilfred’. It is possible that the Frodo of the new series from Prime Video just set you free.

Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward

The fact that there are actors tied to a character does not have to always be negative. For Julia Roberts, her work on ‘Pretty Woman’, available on Orange TV, opened the doors of Hollywood. she became the America’s girlfriend for starring in a 20th century tale, in which a prostitute was transformed into a great lady. And although the romantic comedy has always haunted her, in recent years she has put her career on track with much more mature and demanding roles, such as in ‘gaslit’.

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Actors tied to a character and pigeonholed