Alaska confesses in ‘Cuerpos especiales’ that Pol Granch, Ana Mena and Aitana are among her most listened to artists

Today has visited Special bodies 50% of fangoria: Alaska. The vocalist of the group has sat next to Eva Soriano and iggy rubin to present his new EP, ex profesowhich completes a trilogy.

Eva, who has declared herself a very close friend of Olvido, has asked her if she wants an interview with friends or a well-done one as if they didn’t know each other. Judge for yourselves how the meeting between Alaska and our boys from Special bodies.

Expressly, in EP that completes a trilogy

After listening to one of the songs from Fangoria’s new EP, Iggy commented that it’s pretty rockin’, and Alaska agreed with him: “we are very machine“, has recognized the singer.

The presenter has asked him if it is due to any musical influence that they listen to in their day to day and the answer has surprised: “Nothing to do, I am very young, I am only interested Marc followed, Pol Granch, Ana Mena, Aitana, Amaia… I just discovered it.”

the boys of fangoria They began by recording new versions of songs and ended with the recording of a new album, and although they have fulfilled their deadlines to the letter, after the pandemic they did not want to lock themselves in the studio again, but finally the group has recorded all 3 EPs in a year and a half.

Although he has recognized that they have not always worked so well: “In the beginnings of Fangoria it took us 5 yearsWe didn’t have money or anything, we had to get it from ourselves, we didn’t even have a record company.”

In December 5th end their tour at the Wizink Center in Madrid.

The E’s the P’s and the bakalao route

It is no coincidence that the name of Fangoria’s EP begins with E and P. The trilogy is made up of ANDexistentialism Pop, ANDdififications Paganas Y ANDx Prophesus. For this reason, Iggy and Eva have brought a game to Alaska in which they have been taking random words to form the name of records of different musical genres and things have ended up like this:

  • Panther Extension – Urban
  • hedgehog crouton – Sing games
  • paleontologist strangulation – gender unknown

Following the premiere of The routean original Atresplayer series now available, the presenters have asked Alaska if she has ever done the bakalao route: “I lived the time but I never went to the route“, I have answered.

“Dance music has some contexts, I love dance music but I don’t like its contextsI only went out to a disco in 87, 88 and 89 (…) In 79 we liked to dance but they made a circle of us”, he explained.

Although she has acknowledged that she is interested in the production: “I want to see the series because bakalao is not what we called bakalao. I did not live it, but I want to see what they say”

Ambassador of the wax museum and presenter of Cine de barrio

Alaska has recounted that she is an ambassador of the wax museum after the question of the presenters, but not of the whole museum, only of a part: of the one of terror. Eva has acknowledged being a big fan of the horror genre, and she has asked Olvido what scares her the most lately, to which she has replied that everything.

Alaska has declared herself a consumer but a sufferer, and Eva the opposite: “Not me, I’m a psychopath.” She doesn’t like to go to the cinema to see a scary movie either: “Never take me with you to the movies because I hit you“He has told Iggy. Although he has admitted that he loves little pig and it’s wonderful.

She is also a presenter of neighborhood cinema and has made a big statement about it: “If they throw me out or take me away I lock myself up or chain myself there to the precious bambi from the 70s that they have in the garden”, he expressed.

Finally, he has recognized that he wants to make a movie of the song Un vampire for two in the horror nights of neighborhood cinema. he tells you plot of the movie in the audio. With actors included!

Alaska confesses in ‘Cuerpos especiales’ that Pol Granch, Ana Mena and Aitana are among her most listened to artists