All the easter eggs from the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 trailer

The Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 trailer came almost by surprise to move fans. For one thing, it wasn’t just a detailed and thrilling look at the trilogy’s conclusion. Also, it was a tour through what appears to be a much more elaborate plot and darker than the previous installments. As if that weren’t enough, the trailer made it clear that there will be painful goodbyes, at the very least. Which ? The question went unanswered amid a series of Easter Eggs that the sneak peek showed with particular care.

Of course, the film is a work of special significance to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As announced by director James Gunn himself and several of his actors, this is a permanent closure of the sub-franchise series. Which, furthermore, makes it clear that this will be a never-before-seen story in the franchise’s grand narrative. Beyond any possible deaths or even plot reveals, there’s the fact that this will be Gunn’s last film for Marvel. At least, that’s what we assume, now that he has become the figurehead of the DC Extended Universe.

Perhaps that’s why the trailer was particularly eloquent and impactful in explaining everything you can expect from this movie. A long-awaited event that will undoubtedly become an emotional experience for a good part of the fans. Here are the most striking Easter eggs that the preview showed. Furthermore, relate more or less clearly what can be expected from the expected output.

New clothes for the superhero team

It might seem like a minor detail, but the trailer showed that the Guardians of the Galaxy have what appears to be a specific uniform. This is not a coincidence or a mere aesthetic detail. In fact, the clothing of the characters is a direct reference to the work of Andy Lanning and Dan Abnett. In the original comic the characters wear a specific outfit, which makes it a compact and specific team.

Already in the first two films, the various changes in the way the Guardians of the Galaxy dress showed crucial moments in their history. But on this occasion, paying homage to their first appearance in Marvel Super-Heroes 18 from January 1969 is a celebration of their long tradition in the publishing house. Perhaps, too, the most symbolic farewell the film can give to its beloved characters.

New music that speaks to a temporal evolution and the character of the team

For the Guardians of the Galaxy sub-franchise, music has always been an essential way to analyze its characters. From the classic music cassette and Walkman in the first movie to Kraglin’s gift, a Zune, to Peter Quill. How the soundtrack interacts with the story is critically important to understanding the story’s subtext. Even the most elaborate parts of the plot.

It’s no coincidence that Gunn incorporated the song. Waiting by Spacehog, in the trailer. An addition that breaks the musical theme of the film and takes it to new horizons. After all, released in 1996, it’s the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy song to date.

This song was released in 1996, making it the most recent Guardians song in the MCU to date.

Counter-Earth’s debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Counter-Earth is an old acquaintance for Marvel fans. This Earth-like planet, but inhabited by anthropomorphic hybrids, has been the subject of a number of stories in the publishing house. In fact, this bizarre place has seen at least four versions in the history of comics.

It’s unclear which of these variants is the one seen in the trailer. But one thing is clear. It’s an affectionate nod from Gunn to one of the most curious places in the Marvel Universe as mythology.

Chukwudi Iwuji Scalable Top

This villain, who is considerably feared in the comics, arrives in Gunn’s Marvel Cinematic Universe. Which more than likely means Dr. Nathaniel Essex, aka Mister Sinister, is more than just an antagonist. Psychopathic and fearsomely cruel, he will certainly play a role in one of the most complex and painful plots. Rocket Raccoon is one of the character’s cruel experiences.
Mantis, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3
Additionally, the figure’s presence demonstrates that Rocket’s origin story is central to the plot. Which, presumably, also leads to the closure of his story arc in the trilogy. As Gunn himself insisted, his return to Marvel was all about finishing the story of the beloved, genetically-engineered raccoon. Indeed, in the trailer, you can see a photo of the character when he was a baby which clearly indicates the points that the scenario will explore. At the same time, we got a brief glimpse of Lady Lylla, an intelligent otter who is Rocket’s love interest in the comics.

Adam Warlock visits the Guardians of the Galaxy universe

The preview also showed the first official image of Will Poulter as Adam Warlock. Which removes all doubts about how the character will be approached in the plot. As you may recall, the powerful figure’s arrival was heralded in one of Guardians of the Galaxy Volume Three’s multiple post-credits scenes. So far, there were no images of the actor playing the all-powerful creature.

But the trailer showed it in all its glory. It’s also clear that he’s a character to be reckoned with and will, unsurprisingly, be in pursuit of the superhero team.

The possible deaths of Rocket Raccon and Drax

Rocket, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.  3
Over the past few months, there has been speculation that at least two characters from the sub-franchise will die in the film. The trailer seems to prove that the rumors were true and it will most likely be Rock Raccon and Drax. Which, of course, would somehow wrap up the Guardians of the Galaxy’s long journey into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

From a close-up of Peter Quill’s face in the middle of a dramatic scene, to what appears to be a sequence with Rocket in another plane of existence. What is certain is that it would seem that at least one member of his beloved team would die in his arms. Already a few months ago, some suspected that in addition to the possibility of a heroic death for Rocket, there would also be such a death for Drax. Even actor Dave Bautista gave an emotional farewell to his character in an Instagram post. In this brief text, he thanks him for the opportunity offered to him and specifies that he will not return to play him in a future episode of Guardians of the Galaxy.

So the sight of Quill, face contorted with tears, and what looks like drops of blood, heralds some tragedy. Something that would make Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 a direct and poignant conclusion to its story.

All the easter eggs from the Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 trailer