Ambitious young woman, obsession with a psychopath and mafia right

The actress played Eda in the famous Turkish fiction that she starred in alongside Kerem Bürsin and that brought her worldwide fame, but even then she had an acting past full of very different characters.

In Spain we met her as the protagonist of Love is in the airthe quintessential Turkish Mediaset series between the end of 2020 and 2021, but Hande Erçel she was already one of the most famous actresses on television in her home country before we fell at his feet for his work as sweet and innocent Eda.

In fact, about to release his first feature film, drunk on love, the young actress and model has the honor of being the Turkish interpreter with the most followers on the Instagram social network, where she accumulates almost 30 million ‘followers’. She is almost three times as much as her co-star in the series and also her former partner, Kerem Bürsin, who is undoubtedly one of the hottest Turkish actors as well.

After the outcome of Love is in the air We can’t wait to see Erçel in his next role and although it has been rumored that he could be one of the first stars of Disney+ in Turkey, for now it’s the tape drunk on love his next job. As he assured in his day, after the success of the series, his main interest was to continue working on his training and growth, to which he has dedicated his last year.

Hande Erçel, very close to becoming the great star of Disney + Turkey

Thus, although its apparently promising future is still in question, her acting career that began just eight years ago was already full of many other roles very different from Eda that we from Spain have not had the honor of seeing her perform.

In fact, ever since he landed his first role in a Turkish TV series, calikusu (2014), the actress has not stopped working, quickly leaving behind her first small roles in various fictions and obtaining her first leading lady gives the hand of Gunesin Kizlari in 2015. The main role of the young woman in this series would be followed by many others, the one that would launch her to fame being the one she played in Hayat: love without words.

What other roles has Hande Erçel played in the past?

Well, the range is wide. From an ambitious young woman who seeks to enter the elite at the hands of her mother’s boyfriend, to the poor obsession of a dangerous man deranged by love. We tell you below:

Gunesin Kizlari. In her first leading role on Turkish television, Erçel played Selin Yılmaz, one of the three daughters of the protagonist of the story. In it, they follow in the footsteps of Günes, a 35-year-old woman who, after being abandoned by her husband, falls in love again with a rich man. Determined to get married, she and her daughters move into his mansion in Istanbul, a change that Selin, with high ambitions and happy to enter the elite, is truly delighted. Unlike her sisters.

Hayat: love without words. Her great opportunity would come in this series at the hands of Hayat Uzun, a girl from humble origins who was born and lives in the capital with two friends. Taking advantage of a mistake that causes her to be mistaken, Hayat starts working as a personal assistant to Murat Sarsılmaz, heir to a textile company. Although their relationship begins with bad skin and between lies… it ends up becoming a beautiful story.

Siyah Inci. In this series Hande Erçel played Hazal, a young woman who lives in a small coastal town and where she enjoys a modest and happy life. Hazal has a good job at a hotel and is going to marry her boyfriend, Kenan, but when they are about to take the big step, her life is turned upside down with the arrival of Vural. A man with psychological problems who accidentally killed his wife and who becomes obsessed with Hazal, who is incredibly related to the deceased.

halka. In a remarkable change of register, Halka begins with the murder of a man in a public parking lot. Beside him, the police find a live baby. It is the starting point of the series, but the story will not be resumed until the police reopen the case years later, after the appearance of some evidence that shows that there were exchanges of babies. The actress played Müjde in it, the right eye of one of the murder suspects and future lover of another of them. A mafia story very different from the sweet one Love is in the air.

Azize. Last big role before the success of Love is in the airIn it, Hande Erçel played the titular character, Azize, a young nurse whose real name is Melek, but who has changed her identity with one goal: revenge on those who killed her parents and destroyed her entire life. Her first step is to infiltrate the Alpan family, but there she, among her enemies, she finds love.

Who is not looking forward to knowing the next one? In drunk on lovea ‘biopic’ centered on the poet Yalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī, Erçel plays Kimia-Khatoon, the protagonist’s stepdaughter, in a story centered on Rumi’s friendship with Shams Tabrizi, who had a great influence on his life, his poetry and his love for God.

Ambitious young woman, obsession with a psychopath and mafia right-hand man: Hande Erçel’s past as an actress before taking Turkey by storm with ‘Love is in the air’