Balthazar: why Tomer Sisley decided to stop the TF1 series

“Balthazar” returns this evening on TF1 for a fifth season of only six episodes which will put an end to the adventure since it is the last. Tomer Sisley explains the reasons for the end of the series. And there are several.

After starting the year with the thriller Les Disparus de la Forêt Noire with Hélène de Fougerolles and Grégory Fitoussi, TF1 continues tonight with the fifth season of Balthazar, of which only one new episode will be offered every Thursday at 9:10 p.m.

Last year, the detective series led by Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé left us in unbearable suspense, while Raphaël Balthazar, trapped and accused of murder, had no choice but to flee to prove his innocence. and put an end to the actions of his psychopathic brother, Alexandre (Olivier Sitruk), whose existence he had forgotten.

The return of the series will give fans all the answers they’ve been waiting for. And much more, so successful is this fifth batch. But these six episodes are also the last of the series, and viewers should therefore slowly but surely prepare to say goodbye to Balthazar, Camille Costes, Delgado and the others.

On the occasion of the return of the series on TF1 for a last lap, Tomer Sisley explains to us why he himself made the decision to put an end to the Balthazar adventure, who is nevertheless one of the biggest ratings success of the channel, behind HPI. And gives us some secrets about what he will miss and about season 5 which starts tonight.

AlloCiné: Balthazar will end at the end of this fifth season. It was your decision to end the show. Can you explain to us why?

Tomer Sisley: We did five seasons, that’s not nothing. It’s not given to everyone. And there are several reasons for this stop. The first is that for me each story has its length. If I tell you a story and start stretching it out endlessly, you’re going to be mad at me, you’re not going to listen to me anymore (laughs). So I didn’t want to do the season too much. I prefer to “frustrate” people a little rather than bore them. Whatever you do, it’s always good to stop before it’s too late.

And on the other hand, shooting Balthazar was particularly time-consuming. Because I wasn’t just doing my acting work on the show. I was involved from the writing, to blacken the scenarios of returns with each new version. On the set too, I paid attention to everything, to the light, to my acting partners. Then, in post-production, I had to give feedback on the first versions of the editing.


Balthazar reunites with Eddy and Fatim in Season 5.

Moreover, the producer, to thank me, quotes me in the credits as an artistic collaborator. And it’s not for nothing, it takes me a lot of time. Now, time, I don’t have any more than anyone else (laughs).

There are other things I want to do in my career behind. I am in full preparation of Largo Winch 3 for the cinema. I have just finished the post-production of a TV movie that I produced, Comme mon fils, in which I also act. I loved doing that, and all that wouldn’t have been possible by continuing to shoot Balthazar, which took me at least six months a year.

What will you miss the most in this series?

Besides my play partners, whom I adore, I will obviously miss the character. I have a very close bond with him, since there is a lot of me in Balthazar.

We really made him a first cousin very close to me, not to say almost a clone (laughs). So I don’t know when I will have the opportunity to play a character who looks so much like me again. After Balthazar, it would be Largo the one who looks like me the most. But on Balthazar, it was the first time that I really influenced a character, the way he was portrayed.

Originally, Clothilde Jamin, the showrunner, introduced me to the series, telling me that this lawyer burned life at both ends by drinking every night and chaining female conquests. And finally, after a conversation I had with her, we thought it might be a little more interesting for him to burn life at both ends by taking a little too much risk in his activities and in his choice of actions.

I will therefore miss this rather crazy character, that’s for sure. Just like the good humor that emanated from this series and this film set.

Thibault Grabherr / TF1

Tomer Sisley alongside Constance Labbé and Yannig Samot.

You mentioned the sometimes somewhat crazy risk-taking of the character. A series that gives its main actor so much opportunity to perform stunts is quite rare on French television. Was it also this luxury that you liked on the series?

Sure. In fact, what was especially pleasant was getting your hands dirty. Like when I said to the production: “We are going to do a free fall from an airplane”. And there obviously, it was panic (laughs). “What? Are you mentally ill? It’s going to blow the budget!!”. And I would then tell them to stay calm and explain to them that it was actually going to be the cheapest day of filming, and that we were going to proceed in such a way, by renting such equipment, such pilot. And we ended up doing it and we realized that we were right because it’s a real plus in terms of production, it brings a lot to the series.

At the end of season 4, we left Balthazar on the run, determined to prove his innocence and the existence of his brother Alexander. What can we expect in this fifth and final batch?

Season 5 is a real last season. It was written and constructed to answer all the questions we ask ourselves. She pulls all the threads that have been woven during the first four seasons. There is a real ending to this story. And I’m particularly proud and happy to be able to say it, because I have a certain rage towards series that take us for idiots by ending in blood sausage (laughs). And this is not the case.

Balthazar: why Tomer Sisley decided to stop the TF1 series