Barbie, Ryan Gosling on the role of Ken: ‘I’ve been waiting for it all my life’

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Ryan Gosling confessed that he couldn’t wait to step into the shoes of Ken, the famous male doll made a star thanks to the superstar that accompanies, namely Barbie.
The actor revealed during an interview with the US magazine Variety that for him that role in the film co-written and directed by Greta Gerwing (“Barbie” in fact) is very important.
“It’s finally happening,” he told Marc Malkin of Variety at the premiere of his new action movie “The Gray Man.” “I’ve been waiting for him all my life,” he added, a little jokingly and a little really no.

“Ryan Gosling was as excited as vast areas of the Internet were when he was introduced as Ken in the next Warner Bros. movie, ‘Barbie,'” write J. Kim Murphy and Marc Malkin in a recent article in the American magazine.

Oxygenated blond, shirtless in a beachwear version, complete with spray tan and personalized underwear, when Gosling’s Ken debuted online last June, it warmed the spirits a lot, causing a sensation.

The highly anticipated film by Greta Gerwig sees the participation of Gosling alongside Margot Robbie, who plays the flagship of Mattel: the mythical, legendary and immortal doll, which is the most famous toy in the history of mankind. Let the ball come to terms with it.

In addition to protagonists Robbie and Gosling, the cast includes a wide range of famous stars: America Ferrera, Simu Liu, Kate McKinnon, Alexandra Shipp, Emma Mackey, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Issa Rae and Michael Cera are just some of the many names involved in this unprecedented cinematic operation.

The words of Ryan Gosling (between the serious and the facetious)


Barbie, the first photo of Ryan Gosling as Ken

“I felt like I was seeing myself. I saw myself again ”, said Ryan Gosling, half serious and humorous (as is typical of this super ironic and sarcastic star). “I think a lot of Kens will see each other again when they watch this. I have to do this for the Ken. Nobody plays with the Kens, ”he added, here absolutely leaning towards humor.

His experience in the action movie “The Gray Man”


The Gray Man, 5 curiosities about the film, is released at the cinema

Gosling also took the time to promote another of his films, the Netflix action film “The Gray Man”. Here the actor falls into a very different role from that of Ken: he is a spy who collects victims, jumps from one building to another and has to deal with the “bad spy”, a crazy psychopath played by a Chris Evans mustachioed.

And, a bit like now he says that he had wanted to play Ken all his life, he also said the same about his role in “The Gray Man”, revealing that he wanted so much to play a super spy, and that there is nothing that it would have attracted him more than the production directed by the Russo brothers.
“It’s like he doesn’t even want to be in this movie. He just wants to be at home watching Netflix like everyone else, “said Ryan Gosling.” He doesn’t want to be a spy and he has to be. “

As for the possibility of a sequel, the star explained that obviously it will be the reception of the film that will determine the plans to continue or not, however he spoiled the public who would like to see his character definitively leave the spy game …
“I want to see him come home. I’d like to see how it turns out for him, “she said of her Gray Man.

“The Gray Man” will be released in selected cinemas on Friday 15 July, after which it will debut on Netflix on 22 July (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick).
“Barbie” instead is expected in theaters on July 21, 2023.

Barbie, Ryan Gosling on the role of Ken: ‘I’ve been waiting for it all my life’