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Realized by Rowdy Herringtonthe man behind road housethis captivating crime film stars Bruce Willis as the Tom Hardy, an alcoholic cop hated by his colleagues, who works at the Pittsburgh River Brigade. If the scenario is classic, it is nonetheless well put together, with the remarkable presence of Sarah Jessica Parker28 years old at the time. A few years before the worldwide success of Sex and the City, the actress plays the role of Jo Christman, a young rookie who helps Bruce Willis solve a series of murders. If you are nostalgic for the cinema of the 90s, or simply for the banter of the mythical interpreter of the saga diehard, you only have a few days left to discover this film on Netflix.

Trap in Troubled Waters : a Bruce Willis traumatized by the death of his father

This somewhat unloved thriller from the filmography of Bruce Willis takes place in a rather original setting. It features a fallen cop, forced to testify against his cousin, teammate and friend, but a born psychopath nonetheless. But as the cousin puts an end to his life, a woman killer executes Tom Hardy’s father, under the eyes of his son. Tom is then made responsible for the suicide of his cousin Jimmy, accused of violence against a witness. Two years later, the character played by Bruce Willis is assigned to the river brigade, where he has a hard time getting along with Jo Christman, his new partner, who will nevertheless end up succumbing to his charms. More murders of women are committed and Tom is soon convinced that it is always the same killer who comes back to haunt him. Worse, the assassin seems to be angry with him personally because he attacks his former girlfriends, starting with Jo. When the killer kidnaps her, he ends up discovering the pink post.

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The state of health of Bruce Willis worries his relatives

At the time, Bruce Willis had already risen to prominence thanks to his role as John McClane in the action film Die Hard (1988), considered a benchmark of its kind. In Trap in Troubled Watersreleased a few years earlier The Army of the Twelve Monkeys (1995), Armageddon (1998) and The fifth Element (1997), the actor is at the top of his charisma, and delivers a muscular and intense interpretation, in this film with a rather surprising outcome. Now 67 years old, this father has aphasia, a disease that affects his cognitive abilities, to the point of completely disabling him and put an end to his career. A source close to the actor recently told the American tabloid Radar Online that his health is deteriorating. “Bruce can’t say much, and he doesn’t seem to catch much of what other people are saying., he confided. This relative of the family also specified that the five daughters of the actor were now hoping for a “Christmas miracle”.

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Beware, this little-known film with Bruce Willis is leaving Netflix soon!