“Big Bad Wolf” A thriller without fear of being judged

Gustavo Hernandez director of viruses 32one of the best zombie movies of 2022, gets down to business to lead big bad wolf, a co-production between Spain and Uruguay. It is an adaptation of the Israeli film Big Bad Wolvesextolled by Tarantino as the best of the year 2013.

big bad wolf brings together a cast that is truly terrifying for their experience in front of the cameras. javier gutierrez, Adriana Ugarte Y Ruben Ochandiano are some of the actors leading a remake as gritty as the original film. A thriller that deals with pedophilia under a veil of black humor, where psychopaths fight other psychopaths. Its premiere will take place on Friday January 27th on the big screen. Later after its distribution cycle, we can enjoy it on Netflix.

‘Big Bad Wolf’ review

Data sheet

Title: big bad wolf
Original title: big bad wolf

Javier Gutierrez (alonso)
Adriana Ugarte (matilda)
Rubén Ochandiano (Elijah)
Juana Acosta (Vidal)
Anthony Dechent (Rosemary)
Fernando Tejero (hippolytus)
Manuel Vega (Alex)
Moon Fulgence (matilde girl)
Elena Martinez
Jose Chaves (gutierrez)
Maria Alfonsa Rosso (Mother Alonso)

Year: 2023
Country: Spain
Director: Gustavo Hernandez
Script: Juma Fodde, Conchi del Rio. Remake: Aharon Keshales, Navot Papushado
Photography: Jon D. Dominguez
Music: Lucia Gonzalez
Gender: Thriller. Police
Distributor: filmax



Trailer for ‘Big Bad Wolf’


A policeman on the edge of the law and a woman in search of revenge cross paths obsessed with discovering the murderer behind the brutal crimes of several girls. Both are willing to do whatever it takes to get their confession, even if they have to take the law into their own hands. An exemplary detective will fight against time to prevent irreparable mistakes from being made and that desperate search for the truth from becoming the fiercest of wolves. (filmax)

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big bad wolf rescues from Bad Big Wolves sequences, shots and dialogues, thus being a fairly faithful copy of the original, but like Matilde (Adriana Ugarte) and Alonso (Javier Gutierrez) explicitly say in a dialogue from the film, it is an adaptation. The characters are not the same, they are updated to our time and culture. Important female roles are included, which is a success, since it allows the development of other issues such as employment discrimination or the bond between mother and daughter. At this point, it is necessary to highlight the incredible performance of Adriana Ugarte playing a psychopathic role that, in this adaptation, is much more softened.

If I had to emphasize one detail of this remake, it would be the development of the characters. They start with a greater base, which allows them to empathize more with some of the protagonists and keep more in mind the fine moral line of what is right and wrong, although when the subject of pedophilia is exposed it immediately dissipates. What would we do in that situation? Like the original, big bad wolf play to eliminate anxiety from our body and act turning our backs on established laws. It is for this reason that the black humor fits perfectly with the tone of the film, no matter doing things wrong, everything is justified.

Also, big bad wolf he takes the license to wink at tarantino at the beginning of the work, right in the first sequence. For things like these, the changes are more than justified.

Big Bad Wolf movie
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The wolf

By changing the role and further developing the character who takes revenge after the death of his daughter. We find that the figure of the wolf takes on greater importance. The animal appears and runs into Matilde’s character several times, thus establishing a symbolic connection that questions her actions at all times. Unlike her predecessor in the remake, Matilde comes to experience some remorse for her actions, she even shows herself to be vulnerable.

The subtle change on the title of the film is a success, big bad wolf They are the words that sound in the head and accompany the actions of the protagonists. Nobody wants to become the wolf because it would be equal to the scum that represents the murderous pedophile. This terror invades Alonso (Javier Gutierrez), and is aggravated by his brother’s past. These details are responsible for changing the tone of the remake.

The concern that the doubt spreads among the spectators is the suspense. The outcome is not certain until the last minutes, and it is a factor that is clouding the judgment of the public. Facing this film without knowing anything about it is a positive point, since it is more enjoyable if the final surprise is saved.

Adriana Ugarte
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big bad wolf it inserts changes that are shaping the tone with respect to its predecessor. You could say that this film is a little softer, since everything is questioned. This provides more character development, something I named at the beginning of the review, but removes the true nature. Beast against beast, evil against evil. By making the characters doubt their actions, the figure of the monster or rather the figure of the “Big Bad Wolf” is diminished. An animal does not doubt its actions, it has no empathy, which is why in this case, a psychopath does not face another psychopath.

On the other hand, a police plot is introduced that fits perfectly with the tone of big bad wolf. This plot provides dynamism by introducing a counter, the viewer feels that time is playing against him and the characters too, something that conditions his actions. This plot makes the adaptation vary and be different. Also, it indirectly offers a hopeful tone to the film, since the figure of “good” is present for a longer time on the screen.

Finally, the acidity and the type of humor of big bad wolf it is a success. It is inevitable to hear some laughter in the room, even with the harshness of the topic on the table. The piece recycles jokes copied from Big Bad Wolves, but it changes situations and adds other comic moments that add up in the same direction. The unpredictable script changes give the feeling of watching a very enjoyable madness.

Big Bad Wolf movie
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Conclusion of ‘Big Bad Wolf’

big bad wolf It is a great adaptation, a good homage to its predecessor. The performances are at a very high level and invite you to see the film even if the surprise is known. I recommend going to the movies because it is dynamic and suffocating, in addition, there are great variations in the story that do not subtract or add, it only makes the tone vary and we feel a little fresh if we are spectators with knowledge of the story.


“Big Bad Wolf” A thriller without fear of being judged