“Black Adam”: What is it like working with Dwayne Johnson as an enemy? The cast of the film tells us

in the plot of , one side and the other face each other with all their might. on one side is in the role of the protagonist Black Adam, a fearsome anti-hero with powers from the gods who, after being held captive for 5,000 years, is released.

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On the other side is the Justice Society of America, a collective of heroes that will try to stop him. Among them are the leader Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), the goddess Isis (Sarah Shahi), the mighty Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and the windtamer Cyclone (Quintessa Swindell).

Those four stars are the ones that cater to Trade via Zoom to reveal to us that the opposite of the script occurs behind the scenes: because the affection and admiration they profess for Dwayne Johnson –his fictional enemy– is evident with his statements. What is it like working with one of the most bankable and in-demand actors in Hollywood today?

In “Black Adam”, the actress Quintessa Swindell plays the heroine Cyclone. (Photo: Warner)

Something I did not imagine is how funny Dwayne could be says Quintessa Swindell. At one point he seems super serious and then he says something to which you say que?! He is a very inspiring manwho cares about everyone, to really get us involved in the work”.

For me he is a true leaderadds Aldis Hodge. “Within this industry it is rare to see people so dedicated, who show themselves as they are, who want everyone to shine like they do. We were very lucky to work with him. Is not always that way”add.

I would add that He is one of the most magnanimous people I have ever met. Sarah Shahi complements, as if confirming La Roca’s gift of people. He always wants everyone to succeed and is not afraid to hand the spotlight to someone else if that person needs it. she does it all the time”.

In "Black Adam", actor Noah Centineo plays the hero Atom Smasher.  (Photo: Warner)

In “Black Adam,” actor Noah Centineo plays the hero Atom Smasher. (Photo: Warner)

Having said all that, it is also interesting how the figure of the antihero is approached in recent times of superhero stories: from to “Invincible”, going through “Deadpool”, “Watchmen” or “Peacemaker”. Is it a reflection of our current times?

It definitely has to do with our culture. says Noah Centineo. The way the world moves on, the fact that there are more lies than ever before. All this influences the way you make decisions and perhaps that is why we see more antiheroes than before. People can identify more with them.”.

Shahi, on the other hand, says that in his opinion the subject is not as simple as seeing it in black and white. There is a wide range of grays that is sometimes ignored and I greatly admire those films that explore that space in between. Also being that people are multidimensional. Neither saints all the time, nor sinners all the time”, he warns.

It is in that ambiguous dimension where Black Adam seeks to make a space for himself, to win a place in the already vast and vast universe of superheroes that governs the commercial cinema of the 21st century. We’ll see if he can do it.

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“Black Adam”, directed by Spanish Jaume Collet-Serra, hits theaters this Thursday, October 20.

“Black Adam”: What is it like working with Dwayne Johnson as an enemy? The cast of the film tells us