Boris 4 in Rome 2022: “We managed to be scratchy despite being inside the platform we criticized”

Laughter, tears, the return to TV after 11 years and the memory of Mattia Torre: these are the topics at the center of the Boris 4 press conference, premiered at the Rome Film Fest and from October 26 on Disney + Star with everyone the eight episodes available.

With Boris 4 The writers and actors have managed to do something incredible, go beyond the expectations of the audience. This was the “first reaction shock“of the press, which to the Rome Film Festival applauded and laughed almost sobbing while watching the first two episodes of the fourth season revival of Boris, the Italian custom-built, from 26 October on Disney + star with all eight bets immediately available. At the end of one of the richest press conferences ever with a very numerous cast, producers and authors, together with those who will obviously embellish the following episodes, with the return of practically all the favorites of the fans: from Corrado Guzzanti to Massimiliano Bruno, from Karin Proja to Eugenia Costantini. The only absent are Mattia Torre and Roberta Fiorentini, creator-director of the comedy that upset the rules of Italian serial comedy, and the interpreter of the edition secretary Itala, both of whom died in 2019.

Boris 4, the long awaited and feared revival

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Boris 4: the first image of the protagonists

The wait was so great for the continuation of Boris that for 11 years producers and authors had been invaded by messages on social networks, e-mails and letters to demonstrate the enthusiasm that a phenomenon of this magnitude had generated in Italy, even years after it was aired, thanks to the platforms that have made get to know the show to a much younger and more savvy generation. We had not gone ahead precisely because of all the risks of the project and the desire to preserve that jewel, despite the desire and the pushes in these long years, the desire not to return and start from that world always prevailed. But the death of Mattia Torre and the re-explosion of the phenomenon on the platforms were the elements that led the authors to rethink it. And the idea – which you will see in the episodes – of the producer Lorenzo Mieli of The Apartment Pictures to pay homage to Torre’s disappearance convinced them completely.

Boris 4 arrives in October on Disney +: what to expect from the series

Characters that change without changing


Boris 4: here is a poster of the new season

As told by the two remaining authors, Giacomo Ciarrapico and Luca Vendruscolo. “Being a group of characters linked to reality, we could not have a Simpson-like solution in which they had not changed in these 11 years, they have undergone major transformations because it is precisely the audiovisual that has changed radically in the meantime. Boris could not help but talk about the television moment we are experiencing today. We tried to change everything in order not to change anything in an almost cat-like solution. Alessandro, for example, played by Alessandro Tiberi, is the emblem of this: he has become responsible for the imaginary platform that should host the new cast and crew project of The Eyes of the Heart, but in reality he is just a slave in another post . Corinna and Stanis got married but continue to hate each other intimately“(laughs). On a production level, the same Disney + that produces and will distribute the series has been extremely self-deprecating and has left total freedom to the writers, who have been able to put today’s audiovisual world to shame.”She managed to be scratchy once again while staying inside the container she ‘criticized’ and without being a fanatic. After all, she went to Sky’s Fox so pay TV ‘criticized’ Rai and generalist TV in general, now she was playing at home“Mieli adds and immediately echoes him Francesco Pannofino: “Mieli steals my answers, the platform has shown the intelligence of knowing how to let itself be fooled, in the series things that have always existed are accentuated, in reality they are always worse after all“(laughs).

In memory of Mattia Torre

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Boris 4: Alessandro Tiberi and Francesco Pannofino in a scene from the first episode

Cast and writers obviously remembered who was with them on the set in spirit even though they were not physically there, or the late Mattia Torre. “We wanted to do Boris 4 even for those who weren’t there, someone was missing on the set, but we were all happy to meet again. Mattia seemed to be with him, we always fooled around many times on Boris – 42 episodes, 3 seasons and a movie, 22 and a half hours of product – he managed to amaze us, we had the feeling of trying to represent that idea. He was also a judge eh, how much he broke the boxes if he didn’t like a scene!“What to expect from the new project that the group wants to carry out for the platform Life of Jesus? Now that they are actor-producers, Stanis (Pietro Sermonti) and Corinna (Carolina Crescentini) practically imposed themselves on René Ferretti / Pannofino. Crescentini says: “It is a way to have a role, an obsession of Stanis, an international project, we believe in ourselves as SNIP (So Not Italian Production, the company founded by the couple, ed)“. Sermonti immediately adds:”There is a very learned quote actually because Stanis supports Benny Morris, a new Israeli historian who is convinced that Jesus died at 50 and not at 30 as everyone believes, and this goes in Stanis’ favor. Doing Jesus at 50 doesn’t happen often“.

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Boris 4: Carolina Crescentini with Pietro Sermonti in a scene from the first episode

Ciarrapico and Vendruscolo confirm, as they say in a joke from the series, that hell is full of fourth seasons: “We are sellers of laughter and if you can say something by making people laugh we have achieved our goal”. At that point a fun meta-moment on stage, with Sermonti surprised to have promoted the series as a sitcom for a decade when perhaps it wasn’t (in the American sense of multi-camera) and the actors playing the screenwriters admitting that for sitcoms take a lot more. Antonio Catania he remembers that television and the offer has changed, dispelling the myth in which we believed that the Americans and the British did everything better in seriality, and instead with the streaming services we also discovered their mediocrity, “like a fucking dog”. “We continue to represent the worst of Italy in a positive sense, when Boris arrived we have always been portrayed as the Titanic of the script, but in reality also as characters with great potential but lazy“. A melancholy experience for the absences in front of and behind the camera.”Mattia’s note was missing, the instrument inside the orchestra but we hope it was strong enough anyway. We have grown old. Someone already was 20 years ago … Let it not be said that we did it for the mortgage, ten years have passed“jokes Luca Amorosino, interpreter of assistant director Alfredo. Corrado Guzzantiat the head of the guest stars, he could not believe it when they told him but then he was immediately happy to throw himself back into the project with his Mariano, who we will see even more crazy and psychopathic, not only sad but also successful, is taken as a consultant from the production of Life of Jesus and you will see some good ones …

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Reclaim the characters

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Boris 4: a scene from the first episode

For Alessandro Tiberi recite in Boris 4 it was like taking possession of a character that you will never be able to repeat anywhere else and Crescentini echoes him, “a gift for us that made us go back in time, because we love these scoundrels“. He adds Caterina Guzzantiinterpreter of the assistant Arianna: “I became passionate again as a fan seeing her during the quarantine, because before I was able to see her only in a disorderly way. After all, the characters are boomers who struggle in front of news and technology, some more or less“Obviously it will be photography that will amaze, as he jokingly promises Ninni Bruschettawho returns to interpret Duccio, while Paolo Calabresi he felt a sense of great tenderness to return to the set, the joy of returning to play. His Biascica hasn’t actually understood what a platform is yet but he thinks of all the warnings on set about what can no longer be said and done and that sends him completely haywire. Finally, Carlo De Ruggieri, interpreter of Lorenzo, wanted to remember Arnaldo Ninchi, a great theater actor who agreed to play the fearsome Doctor Cane in the first seasons as long as he was always seen from behind, to testify the stature of the actor. How the new generations will react a Boris 4 and especially the fans of the first hour? We will have to wait until October 26 to find out, and at that point it will be understood if there could even be a fifth and sixth season. Full of laughter, of course, always “fucking dog”.

Boris 4 in Rome 2022: “We managed to be scratchy despite being inside the platform we criticized”