Boris 4: the cast remembers Mattia Torre and fantastic on season 5

Our meeting with the actors, cast and producers of Boris, on the occasion of the presentation of the first two episodes of the fourth season at the Rome Film Fest 2022.

Boris is one of the most disruptive Italian series on our television scene: the opera, written by Luca Vendruscolo, Mattia Torre And Giacomo Ciarrapico on the subject of Luca Manzi, has totally changed the world of Italian entertainment, hitting hard at a critical level, with humor and frankness, the Italian cinema and television system. The work, broadcast on Fox for three seasons, from 2007 to 2010, sees at the center of the story a troupe engaged in the realization of a fictional fiction, which becomes a mirror of commercial works Rai And Mediaset. Fortunately, after so much request, Boris is back with an 8 episode fourth season, which will come on Disney +on 26 October 2022. On the occasion of the Rome Film Fest 2022during which the first two episodes were presented, we attended the press conference with directors and screenwriters Luca Vendruscolo and Giacomo Ciarrapico, the producer Lorenzo Mieli for The Apartment and the cast, in particular Luca Amorosino, Valerio Aprea, Ninni Bruschetta, Paolo Calabresi, Antonio Catania, Carolina Crescentini, Carlo De Ruggieri, Massimo Di Lorenzo, Caterina Guzzanti, Corrado Guzzanti, Francesco Pannofino, Andrea Sartoretti, Pietro Sermonti, Alessandro Tiberi.

Boris 4: to be scratchy, but not liked

The producer of Boris 4Lorenzo Mieli, who worked on the series with The Apartment on behalf of Disney +platform that has decided in the section Star to welcome the work. In particular, Mieli underlined: “At the beginning we weren’t convinced to do a fourth season, also because we wanted to preserve the spirit of the title and at the same time not give up the continuity with what had been built previously. The opportunity arose when the show became a real phenomenon, once again, when it debuted on the platform and at that point we are convinced, also as a tribute to Mattia Torre, who left us in 2019. “ Luca Vendruscolo and Giacomo Ciarrapico then spoke and spoke in particular about the growth and evolution of the characters. “Within Boris we have always had characters linked to reality and just in order not to avoid the Simpson effect, the various members of the crew have transformed with different things that obviously happened off screen. The watchwords are continuity and revolution. “ The producer then talked about writing the show, which managed to hold up to the uncensored Disney + frame: “We used to make fun of public TV, now streaming platforms. The secret is to be scratchy, but not nice. Luckily there was maximum freedom of maneuver on the part of Disney +. “

Boris 4: the lack of Mattia Torre

Boris - Cinematographe

Francesco Pannofino, the director’s face, then spoke Ferretti inside Boris that he too talked about this humorous style: “In the end, the secret actually lies in being fooled with a bit of self-criticism. In any case, we are happy and happy to have done this fourth season, especially for those who are not who are there anymore. “ Just about the disappearance of the screenwriter Mattia Torre and the actors Arnaldo Ninchi (Doctor Cane) And Roberta Fiorentini (Itala), the two screenwriters intervened in memory of their missing colleague: “It was a big blow to us, obviously we miss him, but when he was alive the peculiarity was we have so much fun on the set in these years of Boris, we shared so much that we were like a three-headed entity, we reasoned the same way. We have recreated this feeling in the new episodes, so that Mattia’s lack is not felt, indeed it seems that nothing has changed. “ Below, Vendruscolo and Ciarrapico talked about the nature of the series: “It’s a big enough container to put humor in and it is actually easy to insert this kind of irony. The way the work was conceived, in reality Boris is a sitcom and for us, who as young people thought that sitcoms did not have the right to ever end because they belong to the public, doing a fourth season was magical. “

Boris 4: fifth season on the horizon?

Boris 4 - Cinematographe

In the final part of the press conference, each interpreter had his say about the return of this show, starting with Antonio Catania: “At the beginning we took the generalist networks for a ride, but finally, after years, we discovered that even abroad they don’t know how to make television series because this time we are making fun of the world of streaming.” Valerio Aprea has no doubts: “We will go to Hell only with the fourth season, with the fifth and sixth we will go to Purgatory and Paradise.” Andrea Sartoretti has instead noticed how the fictional screenwriters of the opera are the Titanic of the screenplay, great authors but always wins the spaghetti with clams in Fregene. Massimo De Lorenzo instead explained that Boris 4 it was a melancholy experience and the lack of Tower equals an important missing note from the orchestra. For Corrado Guzzanti, with the series “There was a breaking of a taboo with my totally changed character, a Mariano who became a successful psychopath after putting Father Gabrielli aside”. For Alessandro Tiberi this revival was exciting because he re-appropriated a character, awakening once again his dormant side while according to Carolina Crescentini it is like having pressed a button that made everything go back as before. Subsequently, both Ninni Bruschetta and Paolo Calabresi indulged in some gags relating to their characters, respectively the Director of Photography Duccio Patané and the Chief Electrician Augusto Biascica. In conclusion, the writers were then asked if there will be a fifth season and their response was rather comforting: “If they like it, yes, why not, but we must first see how it will be received by the public.”

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Boris 4: the cast remembers Mattia Torre and fantastic on season 5