Born Again Cast, Release Window, And Everything We Know So Far

After Charlie Coxis cameo in Spider-Man: No Coming Homemany fans were hoping to see more of Man Without Fear than we learned from the hit Netflix series Daredevil. Then we saw Vincent D’Onofrio in Hawk Eyefollowed by the joyous return of Daredevil in She-Hulk: Lawyer. This successful comeback was something no one expected, with Charlie Cox even saying in an interview that he “didn’t expect to be asked to take over the role.” Fortunately, for Charlie Cox and for us as fans, we have a new series called Daredevil: Born Againbut this Daredevil isn’t quite the same as the one we last saw.

The series is expected to have a total of 18 episodes, despite being billed as a “miniseries.” Kingpin is also confirmed to be the main villain despite his presumed disappearance at the end of Hawk Eye. While this is the perfect opportunity to showcase the rest of the Defenders, nothing has been officially confirmed yet. More details are sure to come when production begins in 2023, but in the meantime, here’s everything we know about Daredevil’s upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe series.

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When and where is Daredevil: Born Again coming out?

The new show is currently still in the works, but full details have yet to be released. As of now, we know the series will stream exclusively on Disney+, as with all new Marvel content. This show is currently slated for Spring 2024. If you’re desperate for some Daredevil action, however, Episode 8 of She-Hulk: lawyer, “Ribbit and Rip it,” has the return of Matt Murdock and a possible romance with Jennifer Walters, aka She-Hulk.

Who are the confirmed cast and crew of Daredevil: Born Again?

As of now, the confirmed cast for Daredevil: Born Again is quite short. The only actors confirmed so far are Charlie Cox and Vincent D’Onofrio. The show is currently set to be written by Matt Corman and Chris Ordboth veterans of the 2010 series Secret Affairs. This will be their first Marvel Cinematic Universe project. These two will also serve as executive producers for the entire project.

Who could possibly join the main cast of Daredevil: Born Again?

There are tons of casting rumors still floating around about possible cast members, one of the biggest of which involves a certain character introduced in Hawk Eye. We already have official confirmation that Echo, played by Cox of Alaqua, will star in his own show in 2023. Charlie Cox is currently credited as a cast member on the show, and given that we last saw Echo “kill” Kingpin, it’s likely we’ll get a good preview of more cast members’ status then. Plus, Jennifer Walters has certainly bonded with Matt Murdock in some pretty tangible ways, and we’ll be looking forward to seeing Tatiana Maslany (hopefully) reprising his role once again on the show.

That said, Daredevil wouldn’t be himself if we didn’t have a lot of his support staff. Here are some of the great characters and actors from the original series who are deserving (and rumored) to appear in this new series. Again, none of them have been confirmed yet, but hope is eternal and Cox has expressed interest in having his former co-stars return on the new show.

Deborah Ann Woll plays Karen Page, former assistant and incendiary journalist, in daredevilwhile Elden Henson plays Matt’s best friend and business partner, Foggy Nelson. Ayelet Zürer appears as Vanessa Marianna-Fisk, Wilson’s lover and eventual wife at the end of the Netflix series. Wilson Bethel joined the cast in season three as Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter, an unhinged psychopath inspired by Daredevil’s comic book nemesis Bullseye. To finish, Jon Berntal was introduced in Season 2 as Frank Castle aka “The Punisher” and then got his own series. Bernthal’s version of The Punisher was one of the best adaptations of the ultra-violent character, so it would be interesting to see him join the MCU.

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Is it the same Daredevil as the Netflix series?

All fans of the previous show and the Defenders Saga wants nothing more than the return of his favorite Daredevil. But as the most savvy She-Hulk watchers have noticed, this Matt Murdock doesn’t seem to act the same way the one we’ve known before. Not enough for them to be totally different, but the tone of the shows is definitely different.

Charlie Cox recently tackled some of these questions for us, and recent interviews have helped provide some answers. Cox commented on these tonal shifts, saying he was having a “really great time” figuring out how this Daredevil fit into this new world. This could mean that this version of Daredevil is the same one we saw previously in the Netflix show. That was Charlie Cox’s full statement answering the question.

“It should be and still is the same character. Difference is like with people, we morph and change and are very different depending on what’s going on in our lives. The Matt Murdock of the Netflix show This World and What Was Going On for Matt meant that most of the time we lived with a man who had a tremendous amount of pressure and tension, and the tone of the show was very dark and gritty and heavy. I don’t know what the new show will be like, but when I came to do Spider-Man and She-Hulk the tone was much more lighthearted and ironic and fun and witty and full of levity, so the hope was that Matt can fit into that world and participate in it without being a different character, a different person. I certainly had a great time exploring this, experimenting and seeing if it worked for me.

That’s part of the reason why we’re so hopeful that the previous cast of daredevil will return, because they are essential elements of its history.

Daredevil: So is Born Again a reboot or a sequel?

The show is most definitely a reboot, and all previous canon shouldn’t be assumed to happen in this universe. Matt Murdock took on his character from Daredevil, but Charlie Cox confirmed it was a season 1 and not a season 4, suggesting aspects of the character could be revisited or even rewritten saying:

“We can potentially tell some of the stories over and over again. The same way they do in the comics you know from time to time, they stop at the start of Murdock’s journey as a little boy and they tell the whole origin story all over again. So maybe we can do that. I do not know.”

That means we might see some of our favorites daredevil moments again with a more Marvel Cinematic Universe twist. This round, the production team has access to more heroes and a lot more production value, so maybe this is just the reboot we didn’t know we needed.

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