“Brutal Pact: The murder of Daniella Perez”, the case that shook Brazil in 1992

On Monday December 28, 1992 the life of the actress Daniella Perez ended in the worst way, at the hands of one of his co-workers, the co-star of the soap opera of body and soulthe most watched at that time in Brazil, and in which she was the protagonist.

Daniellla Perez was only 22 years old, and her executioner, Guilherme de Padua, 23. But he was not the only one who took the young woman’s life, his wife, Paula Thomaz, was also involved, who at that time I was 19 years old.

Both were the murderers of Daniella Perez, who was the daughter of Gloria Pérez, the writer and screenwriter of the soap opera where the victim met her murderer; an important point within this story that surpasses any television drama.

With this small panorama as context is that today hbo max presents the official trailer and poster of the documentary series original Brutal Pact: The murder of Daniella Perezwhich will be released throughout Latin America on July 21.

Directed by Tatiana Issa and Guto Barra, this production will have five episodes that reconstruct in detail the facts and the trial of the case that shocked Brazil in the early 1990s.

The actress and dancer Daniella Perez was murdered by Guilherme de Pádua and his wife, Paula Thomaz, in a cruelly premeditated crime. The premature death of the young woman shook the country. Daniella’s murder gained notoriety and occupied the front pages of national newspapers for years.

After three decades, Gloria Pérez resumes her search for the truth behind this story that changed her life forever. The author shares her experience as the production presents, in unpublished records, the details of the investigations and the trial of this double qualified homicide case.

As the mother of the victim, she sought out witnesses, identified evidence, and helped expose the mistakes of the Brazilian authorities. Her participation was essential for the resolution of the case, in addition to having left a legacy when she managed to change Brazilian legislation, including aggravated homicide within atrocious crimes.

For the director and screenwriter Guto Barra, the production of true crime contributes to clarifying this tragedy that marked Brazil. “Through a thorough investigative work, we brought to light the barbarity of the crime, with information that was not revealed at the time of the murder.”

“We have a reliable production, supported by rigorous investigative work, that portrays the perverse nature of an emblematic crime that occurred in Brazil,” reveals Tomás Yankelevich, Chief Content Officer General Entertainment for Latin America and US Hispanic at Warner Bros. Discovery.

The documentary series brings never-before-seen accounts from Daniella Perez’s closest family and friends, who fondly remember the artist and offer their perspectives and memories of the tragedy. Among them are the widower of the actress Raúl Gazolla and other Brazilian actors, such as Claudia Raia, Fábio Assumpção, Maurício Mattar, Cristiana Oliveira and Eri Johnson.

The reconstruction of the case also includes testimonies from key players in the process, such as the prosecutor (Piñero Filho), the main witness (Antonio Curado), journalists who interviewed the murderers (Luciléia Cordovil, Elsa Boechat), specialists in psychopathic personalities (Ana Beatriz Barbosa and Ilana Casoy) and other related professionals and authorities.

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“Brutal Pact: The murder of Daniella Perez”, the case that shook Brazil in 1992