Bullet Train and that bond between David Leitch and Brad Pitt! The cast reveals secrets and curiosities about the film

Director David Leitch, producer Kelly McCormick and the cast, above all a wild Brad Pitt, present Bullet Train. Action and humor in theaters in Italy on August 25, 2022.

David Leitchdirector of Bullet Train, in Italian cinemas from 25 August 2022 for Warner Bros / Sony Pictures Italia, is keen to point out that few times, in his career, has he felt more gratified by the making of a film. The passable label is that of action / comedy, the story tells of the seven deadliest killers in the world and how they give them a good reason on the “bullet train” (hence the title) that starts in Tokyo and arrives in Kyoto. “What I feel” Leitch explains “It’s not just arousal. The adventure of the film began in the early days of the pandemic, first Brad jumped in, then everyone else gravitated. Great to be able to direct a group of actors like these, I’ve had several positive experiences in my career but this one beats them all. Among other things, in addition to being good actors, they are also fantastic people “.

More or less on the same wavelength Brad Pitt. Self Bullet Train he has many faces and many stories to present, the undisputed star is always and in any case him. In the film, based on the novel by Kōtarō Isaka The seven killers of the Shinkansen, is Ladybug (ladybug), a professional murderer in the midst of an existential crisis. He likes the idea of ​​keeping the press at a distance. “First of all let me say that the virtual conference is a great thing. I approached the project that the pandemic had already started for five or six months, the general mood was not the best, but I remember having laughed a lot when I read the script“. There is also a key, so to speak, sentimental and philosophical at the same time to the film. “I am an old friend of David Leitch. He has been my stunt double in several movies, Fight Club, Troy, there are many. He feels like I’ve come full circle now that he’s my boss. But beyond David, there is really a lot of talent here “.

Bullet Train: the actors explain the characters

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Kelly McCormickproducer, is seduced by the project because she finds something unusual in it. “The thing that struck me most of all was this very funny script about destiny. Such a profound theme is unusual for a commercial film. I know it was the same for David “. Existential reflections, of course. But also a robust injection of humor. Being really funny depends on a lot of things. You need quality in writing, a taste for improvisation and that particular type of chemistry that only the set can develop. A powerful alchemy binds the pair of different twins Aaron Taylor-Johnson And Brian Tyree Henry. “Without Brian” explains Aaron Tayor-Johnson “I could never have built my character. I am grateful for all the talent I have dealt with. Going back to Brian, I’ve always been a fan of his work. Ours is a bond made of love and trust, on and off the stage “.

You won’t expect that Brian Tyree Henrywho among other things relied heavily on improvisation (many of his stunts remained in the film) say different things, right? “With Aaron, I could afford to be absolutely stupid on set. We found ourselves immediately. This made it easier to establish a relationship of mutual trust. The characters trust each other because we trust “. Satisfied by Bullet Train even if it doesn’t have much to do with the character, Joey King. “Generally, an actor or an actress is always asked what’s his character. Well, this time nothing at all! Let’s talk about a psychopathic killer. Thanks to David for letting me play with her. At the beginning I didn’t have clear ideas, I didn’t know whether to push the pedal of madness or imagine it colder, controlled. So, sometimes I happened to play it both ways, other times a little more halfway, just to give my director more options “.

Brad Pitthis character, sees him as “A fool, a fantastic role to play! I imagine his background like this. He comes out of a terrible professional experience with a nervous breakdown, so he decides to go to a therapist and therefore does not go to work for some time. When he returns, he is convinced that he has found the answer to all the problems. And the answer is this incredibly sugary philosophy of life “. Action and comedy, a mix that David Leitch already knows. “Deadpool 2 mixed the two. Working on that film was like attending an improvisation masterclass, thanks to the presence of Ryan Reynolds. I like comedy, but I’m also drawn to more hard-boiled stories. Bullet Train he speaks of faith, of family, with the Japanese characters he also mentions the idea of ​​redemption, then there is a bit of philosophy and a beautiful message “.

How to stay two hours on a train without getting bored? David Leitch and the cast of the film reveal some details behind the making of the film

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How can you stay two hours on a train without getting bored?“The thing we were wondering” remember Kelly McCormick “One of the biggest problems was precisely this. How to entertain people for two straight hours without straying too far from the train? Our effort was to build it to reflect different vibes, each compartment thought of as a separate world to play in. At the same time, there was a need to create brackets, explanatory flashbacks, which would allow us to disconnect for a moment and get off “. David Leitch remember that the processing was affected by the pandemic. “At some point, for example, I would have liked to go to Tokyo, but nothing. All shot in the studio. The set wasn’t even a big box. Rather, a tube enclosed in a box “.

If you ask a Brad Pitt what is the most difficult part of his job, he will tell you that it is waking up in the morning. Advances in technology do not cease to amaze him. “I remember the Hitchcock films, the solutions that were used at the time to give the viewer the idea of ​​the landscape crossed by the railway. Today, we are able to do it so precisely that it almost seems that the train has made the entire journey “. Speaking of trains, the character played by Brian Tyree Henry is obsessed with the 80s TV series The Thomas Train, which he uses as an existential vademecum. The American actor also has a connection with the series. “I watched it as a child, I didn’t do a refresher for the film because, given my age, it would have been a disturbing thing. I guess I’m not much of a method actor! I’m sure everyone who meets me will start asking me about the Thomas Train from now on. While I, begging, I will beg them to stop “.

Joey King thanks the cast for making her feel up to the role and the film. “I had a bit of the impostor syndrome, I opened up with the others who encouraged me, telling me that if I was part of Bullet Train it was because I deserved it. This thing was very important to me. As for the greatest difficulty I encountered ” goes on “I’d say it’s been on heels most of the time. However, to define this experience as exciting is an understatement “. David Leitch talks about the origins of the project. “Reading the script and the novel, I immediately realized that there was potential. But putting seven sociopaths on a train and getting them to intervene can be a little bleak. I had to try to bring out the humanity of these characters. Even when there is no possibility of redemption, they are still fun “. The balance is positive and it is not excluded that we will return to work together, even if there is nothing concrete for now. “We had a lot of fun doing it, in theory there is still a lot to explore. A prequel, another journey. Or maybe another means of transportation. We would like to work together again “. Sometimes, the joy of a production that runs off without too many problems offers unexpected pleasures. Or, to put it in the manner of Brian Tyree Henry, “I didn’t think fighting Brad Pitt would be so good”.

Bullet Train and that bond between David Leitch and Brad Pitt! The cast reveals secrets and curiosities about the film