Bullet Train: Brad Pitt and the cast present the insane action film coming to theaters August 25

The action comedy thriller Bullet Train directed by David Leitch and based on the novel of the same name by Kotaro Isako is now a film due out in late August. Brad Pitt and the other actors talk about it at the press conference.

In Italy it is published by Einaudi with the title of The seven killers of the Shinkansenwhere Shinkansen is the name of the Japanese high-speed rail network on which the so-called “bullet trains” run. Kōtarō Isaka is the author of this novel that has become an international best seller thanks to the narrative interweaving with a crescendo of twists told between the dark and the comic. The Writer’s Story is now a film directed by the former stuntman David Leitch titled Bullet Train. The 47-year-old director immediately identified himself as one of the new voices in Hollywood action cinema directed by the first John Wickfrom Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2 And Fast & Furious – Hobbs & Shaw.

The protagonists of the book are all Japanese, but this adaptation produced by Sony Pictures (signed by Zak Olkewicz) makes some changes to make it a Hollywood blockbuster, while keeping the setting and the train journey from Tokyo to Kyoto intact. Brad Pitt is the protagonist, a very unfortunate hitman with the nickname of Ladybug (ladybug) who is going through a moment of redemption and rejection due to violence and firearms. Or, at least, that’s what he would like. The new assignment he receives is to retrieve a briefcase full of money that is on board a high-speed train, but fate puts a series of lethal killers in the wheel. This triggers a sort of free-for-all, as the goals of each of them are different but interconnected. From the cast of Bullet Train, to be released in cinemas in Italy on 25 Augustthey are part of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry, Joey King, Zazie Beetz, Logan Lerman, Andrew Koji, Hiroyuki Sanada, Michael Shannon And Sandra Bullock.

Brad Pitt: “Bullet Train is a film without a protagonist, we are all against everyone”

It is the city of Paris that hosts the Bullet Train Global Press Conference. The promotional event can count on the participation of the director Leitchof the manufacturer Kelly McCormick and the actors Pitt, Taylor-Johnson, Henry And King. “We loved every minute of work on the set, I have never had an experience like this and I have walked many of the sets in my life” begins the director defining as a “testament” what his actors have done on the film. The relationship between Leitch And Brad Pitt represents a closure of the circle according to the actor, because the first has been the double of the second since the days of Fight Club, Troy, Ocean’s Eleven And Mr. & Mrs. Smith. “We are old friends, we had an actor-stunt relationship and now he’s the boss,” he says Pitt who remembers receiving the script when the world entered the pandemic for five months and “there was a general sense of depression, we were all losing our minds a little and I was lucky enough to read this hilarious script”. “The really cool thing about this story is that there isn’t a protagonist flanked by supporting roles,” the actor continues, “but each character has their own to-do list, they are all against all and there is an incredible degree of overall talent“.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson And Brian Tyree Henry they play a pair of murderous brothers with the nickname of Lemon & Tangerine, extremely talkative and easy to quarrel, whose harmony is such that the credit cannot go only to the script. “There is no doubt that there has been a great collaboration between real talents and I was lucky to be in front of it Brad Pitt or Joey Kingbut my partner was Brian Tyree Henry and without him I would never have been able to build my character like this “he says Taylor-Johnson. The actor we recently saw in The King’s Man: The Origins And Tenet, praises the colleague with whom he managed to establish a phenomenal understanding from day one. “Our characters have a past and this allowed us to make important decisions, to improvise, and here the credit goes to David Leitch which left us room to explore and experiment “. Henry has the joke ready and replies saying that “it’s very rare in this industry to find someone with whom you can be absolutely stupid… but in reality their relationship is rooted in mutual care and protection and from here we started building the dynamic. We really wanted viewers to care about Lemon & Tangerine, because Aaron and I care about ourselves. “

The 23 year old Joey Kingbetter known as the protagonist of the trilogy of The Kissing Booth, has been acting since the age of four and has already heard several questions at press meetings. “One of the things people ask me most often is how similar your character is to you. What am I supposed to say here that I play Prince, a fucking psycho killer? I don’t look like her at all, I’m not a vengeful killer!“jokes the actress, who joins the chorus of praise towards the director.” There would be many ways to characterize this character, I could be threatening, I could be cold or unusually crazy and play on how psychotic she actually was, and in the end I did a bit of all the things as David allowed me, because I wanted him to be the editor to find the best version for the world described by the film. “And indeed the liveliness of this dark action comedy David Leitch justifies it by explaining that “I was careful not to strangle the film, I wanted it to grow on its own and as the size increased I avoided caging it, because what I saw was gold “.

Bullet Train: the train rebuilt in the studio in Los Angeles

The film takes place almost entirely aboard the train from Tokyo to Kyoto, but no one has ever physically gone to Japan to shoot it (except for a couple of short scenes). Partly due to complications due to Covid, partly due to the setting in a single location, the filming took place inside the Sony Studios in Los Angeles where the train carriages were rebuilt and stylized by the set designers. Brad Pitt was struck by the technological progress: “If you think of the old Hitchcock films in which there was the rear projection of moving backgrounds when an actor was in the car, we for this film we had gigantic video walls three carriages long and six meters high on there were the shots of the boys who went to film the whole Tokyo-Kyoto trip. We had this constant movement out of the windows, so much so that someone got sick, especially Jean Black “, the actor’s make-up artist.

The train and the experience of a film in the hall: both are journeys to a destination

Trains are perfect metaphors for life, having a departure, a journey and a destination and often the films set on the rails have captured and incorporated them into their stories. In Bullet Train the character of Brian Tyree Henry he constantly mentions the British cartoon for children The Thomas train and it is the actor who enters the subject. “Trains unite distant countries and connect people and the experience of the film is no different, because people sit in the hall and remain silent for two hours while they are taken on a journey by the story. For all the characters in this film. history the destination may be the same, but the journey for everyone is very different “he concludes Henry.
Below the Bullet Train trailerfrom 25 August in Italian cinemas, further down the Paris photocall with (from left) Brad Pitt, Joey King, Bryan Tyree Henry, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, David Leitch and the producer Kelly McCormick.

Bullet Train: Brad Pitt and the cast present the insane action film coming to theaters August 25