Cage (2022) movie review: Horror and suspense thriller

Criticism of Jaula, the film directed by Ignacio Tatay that has the invaluable support of Álex de la Iglesia in the production. A suspense and horror film where nothing is what it seems, and which marks its high point with a radical turn of events. Released in theaters on September 9, 2022 and now available on Netflix, it is one of the highlights of Halloween night and one of the most powerful national horror and suspense thrillers of the season.


Paula (Elena Anaya) and her husband (Paul Miller) find a girl wandering alone on the road (eva tenner) in the middle of the night. After an accident they will decide to take her to a hospital, but since no one is claiming her, they will decide to take her into her house temporarily until they find her family.

Criticism of the movie Cage (2022)

Alex de la Iglesia has become a patron of national horror movies, something like «the James Wan of Spanish cinema». A guarantee so that the good ideas of national genre cinema can see the light. This is the case of the one at hand, the film Jaula, a very solid and effective horror and suspense thriller that manages to trap the viewer in its studied and measured script.

Elena Anaya

What is the movie Cage about

A girl appears in strange circumstances in the middle of a road. Nothing is known of the minor. She doesn’t speak, she refuses to communicate, and no one knows how she got there. She is sick enough and traumatized enough to only feel safe within the chalk-lined margins. So she starts the movie cagea national horror and suspense thriller capable of disturbing the viewer in its story about the unpredictability of human psychopathy.

an enigmatic girl

The enigma surrounding our little protagonist floods the first part of the story. Both the viewer and the protagonists of the film – the married couple who decide to take in the little girl – will have so many questions to resolve, none of them answered, that the tension and interest in such abnormal circumstances and behaviors will gradually increase, creating a propitious climax for terror. A monster from the darkness of the minor’s fragile mind seems to torment her, being unable to leave the safety space provided by a piece of ground delimited with chalk.

A completely unexpected and revealing twist

Rightly, at the right time of the movie cageits director Ignacio Tatay – also a screenwriter with isabel pena – surprises us with an unexpected turn of events, marking a completely new course in history. Thus, terror ceases to be something figurative or fantastic and becomes real and palpable. A completely revealing fact that generates a new horizon much more cruel and bloody.

The girl from the movie Cage
The girl from the movie Cage

Elena Anaya, the main protagonist of the story

Great job done by the actress Elena Anaya What Paula, knowing how to respect the times of this suspense thriller, providing the necessary temperance, courage and sensitivity in his character. We are facing a mother with a heart but without children, who fills that void with the appearance of the enigmatic little girl and decides to fight to “heal” her and learn the truth about her without prosecuting the girl at any time.

Final opinion of the film Cage (2022)

The movie cage It is a remarkable exercise in suspense and terror thriller. We are facing one of those films that will surprise and like the more the less prior information you have about it. Its director knows how to maintain the tension until its final stretch, thanks in large part to keeping some valuable information and having played with the previous expectations of the viewer after a first act that may be somewhat tedious.

Premiere and technical sheet

Original title: Cage
Gender: Thriller, Suspense, Horror
Official site: Cage
Country: Spain
Idiom: Spanish
Release date: September 9, 2022 in theaters
Producer: Pokeepsie Films
Distributor: Sony Pictures, Netflix
Duration: 106 min.
Year: 2022
Age rating: Not recommended for children under 16 years of age

Artistic sheet

Address: Ignacio Tatay
Script: Isabel Pena, Ignacio Tatay
Music: Snorri Hallgrímsson
Photography: Oriol Barcelona
Elena Anaya, Pablo Molinero, Eva Tennear, Carlos Santos, Eva Llorach, Sonia Almarcha, Esther Acebo, Mona Martínez, Eloy Azorín


Cage (2022) movie poster
Cage (2022) movie poster



The film Cage is a remarkable exercise in thriller and suspense, with a completely unexpected final twist that will make us rethink its start with different eyes.


The unexpected turn that manages to turn the film around

Elena Anaya.


It is quite difficult for him to start in his first section and some spectator may lose some interest.

Cage (2022) movie review: Horror and suspense thriller