Caleb Landry Jones (Get Out): the actor feels close to the “borderline” characters he plays

1996, Australia: Martin Bryant commits the unspeakable by engaging in a murderous shooting in Port Arthur. While this assassin ends his life in prison, actor Caleb Landry Jones takes up the challenge of interpreting him in the film Nitramnow in theaters.

Un young australian who will become one of the most notorious murderers of the country, for Port Arthur Massacre, in Tasmaniain 1996. So a role who pleases Caleb Landry Jones, 33 years old, income from Cannes Film Festival last year with the Best Actor Award under the arm. His interpretation of criminal Martin Bryant in Nitram was praised by film critics. This film by Justin Kurzel just released, on May 11, in the rooms French.

Previously seen as Jeremy Armitage, the crazy brother in get-out, Caleb Landry Jones did never cease to surprise us. On May 12, in its “subscribers” edition, Elle Magazine shared his actor interview American, who said attracted to borderline characters that he plays. “This killing in Australia is the equivalent of our September 11“, told Caleb Landry Jones magazine, about the shooting of Port Arthur. All Australians remember what they were doing that day. Incredible traumahe reported.

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Trying to understand the killer

Since, the Australian Parliament passed a law restricting access to weapons in the country. Is it difficult to to put yourself in the place of the perpetrator of these crimes ?Without a doubt“, confirmed the american actor to Sheexplaining thatthe question of responsibility comes into play“. For tame this assassin resolutely borderline”still alive and languishing in a prison“, Caleb Landry Jones must have come close…

My job was to bring out his part of humanitysaid the interpreter to She. “He was a different young man, his parents had put him under glass, he suffered from a immense solitudehe recalled about the young Martin Bryant, now sentenced to life to Australia for his crime.Even though he committed one of the worst abuses, he is still a human being“, opposes Caleb Landry Jones, who wished understand this character first of all. After this victory at the Caesars and to have play in The Outpost (2020) or Finch (2021), the American actor, also a singer, will soon tour with the famous Luc Besson.


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Caleb Landry Jones (Get Out): the actor feels close to the “borderline” characters he plays