Carolina Ramírez, Julián Román and other renowned Colombian actors joined the campaign of Petro and Francia Márquez

Block of artists adhere to the presidential campaign of Gustavo Petro. Photos: Colprensa.

Presidential candidate Gustavo Petro continues adding support to his campaign. This time, a group of well-known Colombian actors announced, with a video in which they demonstrated their artistic talents, that join the candidacy of the Historical Pact, also made up of the vice-presidential candidate Francia Márquez.

The video was broadcast by the Colombia Humana party, that of Petro, as well as on the official Twitter accounts of several of the country’s most famous artists such as Julián Román. “Overcome fear. Vote for him change”, reads the text with which the interpreter spread the video.

“This isn’t going to get any better.” fearthis change comes from us”, added Román, who has also become known in Colombia for his strong political positions and ideologies.

Carolina Ramírez also appears in the images, the renowned interpreter who stars in the successful series ‘La Reina del Flow’. In addition, they are Fabio Rubiano, Adriana Romero, Carmenza Gómez, and Marcela Valencia, all with extensive and extensive careers in the performing arts and who did not hesitate to show their support for who today leads the intention to vote for the Presidency of Colombia.

Moreover, Carlos Duque also appears in the video in question, one of the most recognized publicists in the country and who has gained great recognition for directing the campaigns of various Colombian political figures in recent years. “If something has seduced us from France, it is that cultural attitude. That is pure political poetry. She says ‘live tasty’. That’s poetry, not advertising.” the advertiser noted.

During the publicity piece, Marcela Valencia assured that the false news wanted to cloud Petro’s political campaign and that is why she recalled one of the most common alleged myths with which they have questioned the former mayor of Bogotá: “‘We are going to become like Venezuela’ was the slogan with which this government came up,” said the actress in the epilogue.

Carolina Ramírez also appears in the recording, who is through a video call, since she is living in Argentina, and who did not hesitate to make it known that she is fully convinced that on May 29 she will vote for the formula for the Presidency of the Historical Pact .

“There is one thing that we have lost over the years and that is honor and dignity. The proposal for this change goes beyond one person, it goes beyond Petro (…) They left us no other way than to contribute to the change, than to believe that everything can improve because we cannot be worse off, ”said the renowned interpreter, who starred in productions such as ‘La Pola’ and ‘La hija del mariachi’.

For her part, Marcela Rubiano agreed with her colleague in dramaturgy and said that she did not lean towards the leader of Colombia Humana because “he is the least worst.” The real reason? “Because right now I am convinced of that change and for me it is the only change there is”he expressed.

In the promotional video, the statements of Fabio Rubiano were also heard, who highlighted: “There cannot be a politics to continue the one that is currently and the one that has been riding in our society in the last times”.

Adriana Romero, however, said that an eventual mandate of the progressivism represented by Petro and Francia Márquez would not only benefit the current generation but could also bear great fruit in the future.

“I have two daughters and I believe that the new generations deserve that we give them the opportunity to have a different government. [Que Petro] has kept his word before a woman like Francia Márquez lets me know that at this moment he is my candidate. I vote for Petro, and a lot for France,” Romero said.

In the social networks of most of the aforementioned actors rests the video that you can see in Infobae below:

Famous actors adhere to Petro’s campaign

And they are not the only ones who joined the presidential campaign of the Historical Pact. This Wednesday, Petro also announced, through his Twitter account, that more than thousand intellectuals and artists They joined his third attempt to be president of Colombia.

“I thank the more than a thousand artists and intellectuals who declare their support for our campaign,” trilled the head of Human Colombia.

In the long list of names there are writers, audiovisual producers, playwrights, poets, plastic artists, graduates, writers, teachers, musicians, philosophers, among several other characters from Bogotá, Medellín and other sectors of the country who decided to entrust their vote to Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez in the elections that will define the next head of state.


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Carolina Ramírez, Julián Román and other renowned Colombian actors joined the campaign of Petro and Francia Márquez