Caterina Guzzanti: “Can I make you cry?”

Each of us carries a scene of Boris in the heart. The one of Caterina Guzzanti is the time when his brother Corradoin the role of the psychopathic actor Mariano in a dressing room on the set of the fiction The eyes of the heart, terrifies poor intern Alessandro with a baseball bat in his hand and tells him: “It seems to me that the only one between us who is making an effort to prevent me from beating you is always me, the same person who then, sooner or then, it will tempt you, but do you understand it? ». A memorable joke among the hundreds that crowd Wikipedia pages, memes, idioms that have now entered the common language. From when he first appeared on TV in 2007 to today, Boris became a cultfirst for a niche and then for the general public, with its representation of the set of an imaginary television drama that is metaphor scratchy and surgical of any workplace and a set of typically assorted tics and squalor Italians. With the role of the strict assistant director Arianna, Caterina Guzzanti has carved out her place in the history of Italian seriality. And on the days when the return date of Boris with the fourth season (the October 26 on Disney +), of which he cannot say anything, Caterina reflects: «A great luck that it was me».

Forty-six years, a series of unforgettable characters – among others, Miss Italythe militant of Pound Housethe Contessina Orsetta Orsini Della Cisa Curve – the job of the comic actress was the most natural way in a family where as brothers you have two stars of comedy named Sabina And Corrado Guzzanti.

What was it like to be back on the set of Boris?
“I’m a little ashamed to say it, but it was so much fun it wasn’t tiring. A party with friends practically. In these ten years with the other actors on the set we have seen each other a lot, we have vacationed together, Boris it is not a big family but a condominium where you often meet and never argue. Instead, I remember the first seasons of the series as a perpetual kidnapping and the feeling of tiredness and disorientation ».

Caterina Guzzanti, Francesco Pannofino and Pietro Sermonti in a scene from Boriswhich aired from 2007 to 2010. The highly anticipated fourth series will arrive on October 26 on Disney +.

“It was something that didn’t look like anything that had been done before, it was a strange object at the time, and I had to play the most dramatic character – the other is the intern Alessandro. So I was in a series where everyone made people laugh except me ».

How did this dramatic role come about?
“I don’t know, it was a great intuition of Mattia Torre (one of the writers of the series, who passed away in 2019, ed) and Luca Vendruscolo (another screenwriter, ed). When I play Arianna – the one who puts the others in line, fires, she gets angry – I bring out my stern part ».

Do you mind not making people laugh for once?
“Sometimes I try to add comic elements to Arianna, but every time I get blocked and that’s right. In reality I would like to measure myself with dramatic roles, I have also written an unexpectedly very dramatic show about the man-woman relationship ».

What kind of roles do they offer Caterina Guzzanti?
“Those of the buffa, of the bungler. In our market every face is connected to an emotion, to a characteristic, and it is difficult to break free from labels. But I’d like to change and play different characters ».

How much is Arianna in life?
«I am with my son Elio, who is 8 years old and still falls for it. Like: “Oh, you don’t like this? It’s fine, eat it tomorrow for breakfast ”. I am terrible. As long as it lasts… But I would like him to know that every action has a consequence ».

Have you received a severe education?
“No. But I was a very good child, I didn’t bother anyone. And then I had the official parents and second parents, the brothers: Sabina is 13 years older than me, Corrado 11 ».

What were these second parents like?
“They taught me a lot, we spent a lot of time together. Big brothers are the kind of half-grown adults who have already experienced what you are experiencing, they feel great but they are not. I was the little one who admired them in a boundless way but I also took advantage of it, I was spoiled. It was a peculiar exchange. I don’t know if I would have preferred to have brothers of the same age ».

She doesn’t like talking about her family.
«No, not much, I can’t not even talk about it, but it’s something that everyone always asks me about the same things, starting with the classic:“ Ah who knows how many laughs you have together ”.

Excuse me if I ask you then: do you do it?
“Yes, we laugh a lot but it’s not a show, we see each other and talk, we are also very serious.”

When did she get rid of the confrontation with her brothers?
“Early enough but never at the same time. I myself measure myself against it every day: every time I have an idea, a second later I think that one or the other has done it. But I’m not complaining, it’s the pros and cons of life. Maybe I should have chosen a different stage name, but then I think why? I am so proud of this surname ».

Haven’t you ever had a plan B?
“Actually I still have it, even if the more time passes, the more the idea goes away. The plan is to study biology and genetic engineering. Every now and then I have the impulse: now I go and enroll at university, then modesty prevails ».

Why biology?
«I am passionate about horses and horse riding. Studying the genealogies of crosses is one of the things I like the most. But in the end I don’t think I’ll ever do it. “

Why should he do it?
«I found myself doing this job naturally, following my brothers, then luckily I was able to go on alone. But I miss a job that is only mine, other than that of the family. Sometimes I feel like the one who finds himself working as a notary because his father has a studio ».

When, in particular, do you get the urge to enroll in Biology?
«For example when they tell me: eh who knows how many laughs you make …». He laughs.

She didn’t really choose to be a comedian.
“That’s how it went, I found myself there, I continued for fun, today I play, I pay the mortgage, but sometimes I feel like a bluff. Like most artists ».

Caterina Guzzanti: “Can I make you cry?”