‘Chained words’, pure game

According to the sages, theater as well as conflict is a game. In fact, in English a play is said play. Y play it is also the English word that is used to say to play and to interpret. chained words of Jordi Galceran, which premiered in early August at the Fine Arts Theater Madrid, perfectly exemplifies everything that the theater has to offer.

A macabre game, because the story begins with the kidnapping of a woman by a psychopath. Do you remember that serial killer figure that movies like The silence of the lambs Y Seven or the book American Psycho? So fashionable that psychopaths were even in the soup.

A time that is seen as the past, now that they only remain in some series with a friendly tone, such as Dexteror in more police series than anything else like Criminal minds. A time to which this work is indebted. Both in his anecdote and in his imagery and scenery. dark. Damp and gloomy basement.

Work whose protagonist is a psychopath who, in the eyes of the current viewer, is a book abuser, due to the relationship he maintains with the woman he kidnaps. Just as she would be, from what the viewer will find out throughout the show, the clear example for Vox that men do not mistreat, but mistreat the person who can do it and that person can be a woman.

Due to Jordi Galcerán’s career and the time in which the work was written, 1995, it does not seem that these were the author’s objectives. Although in 2022 you cannot attend it without the public resonating with mistreatment or that idea defended by a certain right that the laws of equality and protection for women allow abuse against men by the female population.

Something that perhaps has not been fully seen both because of when it was written and because of Domingo Cruz’s stage direction. An address that works very well in parts. As a thriller scary at the start. As a romantic comedy, later. And as a judicial process. Even like that of an unhealthy relationship between a psychologist and her patient.


A moment from the play ‘Words in Chains’ directed by Jordi Galcerán.

However, the dramatic arc in which the characters move is not seen. From where to where they go. What changes in them if something has to change. Modify through words. From the exchange they make of them, since there is dialogue, a lot of dialectical play based on replying to the other what he has just said. Use what he says to counter.

Establishing a dynamic as in the game referred to in the title. In which one player says a word, the last syllable of which must be used by the other player to say another word. Whose last syllable will serve, in turn, for the first to look for another word that begins with it. And so on until one of the two runs out of words or repeats a word and loses.

A dialogue with tension since the two characters play and play it. A tension that is given outlets with certain notes of macabre humor, like solo in a thriller of these features can be done.

A tension and a game that the two actors know how to maintain. expected in Beatrice Rico, which together with Galcerán is the claim for the majority public. And the one that accompanies David Gutierrez, an actor from Extremadura who in this role shows the many stages and the great skill he has. Above all, in his facet as a joker psychopath and as a patient in love with his psychologist, presented as that bull in love of the song moon.

The fact is that, as in any competition, we see how it seems that the one wins now, and its position of strength. And then wins the other and his cunning and subtlety. If it was a racing competition Formula 1 or of motorcycle gp, it would be like seeing overtaking, skidding and the effort of two drivers in contention on the last straight to reach the finish line. In which everything would be allowed, because they risk their lives.

'Words in chains' is a horror thriller at the beginning; then it becomes a romantic comedy; and ends as a judicial history.


‘Words in chains’ is a horror thriller at the beginning; then it becomes a romantic comedy; and ends as a judicial history.

Although the work could also connect with the strange couple that stars Quartet of Heine Muller wave of Dämonen of Lars Norren. Hard and rare works where there are about love relationships. Compared to those of Galcerán, it is much more softmuch more accessible. With a clearly popular vocation, as his theater always is.

Surely it is because of the author’s closeness to the stalls when it comes to raising the themes, that on a Friday in August, with half of Madrid on vacation and the other half hidden at home due to the heat wave, this theater has a very good reception.

An audience that follows very well the game of cat and mouse that happens on stage. Who is surprised, because there are some other surprises. The one who is made to laugh, that loose laugh that causes tension. He even shuts up, listens and looks attentively at the stage, with the expectation that something is going to happen that announces the plot twists that are not always justified. At least not on stage.

A viewer who has surely seen many romantic comedies in all their variants. Including its gore versions, such as Beauty and the Beast, of which there is much in this work. And yet he is still interested in the dangerous game of love. In his mystery and in the damage that two do to each other in his name, looking for a satisfaction that does not come even with him. the end hollywoodian

‘Chained words’, pure game