Chuck Palahniuk: the violence and obsessions of real life

The exploit of Chuck Palaniuk comes thanks to cinema and the transposition that a master of noir like David Fincher makes of his first novel, Fight club. From then on, his raw, cynical, grotesque and pressing writing made him one of the cult authors for most readers between the 1990s and the 2000s. In addition to his debut work, Palahniuk’s best sellers include books such as To choke And Damn, integrated into what is, perhaps, his first trilogy. So, let’s try to get to know better what are the key novels of writer: take it as a reading tip.

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Chuck Palahniuk biography

Scrolling the biography of Chuck Palahniukone of the most popular contemporary writers, we discover that he was born in Pasco, in the US state of Washington, on February 21, 1962, the son of immigrants from Ukrainian and French ancestry. He lives his childhood and adolescence in one mobile House in Burbank with his parents then, after their divorce, he spends a lot of time with his grandparents. After graduating from the University of Oregon in 1986, Palahniuk first devoted himself to radio and wrote for a newspaper, then she decided to totally change her life and become diesel engine mechanic. At the same time, join voluntary associations that help i homeless: it is in this period that he has many of the life experiences that lead him back to the writing and creation of his characters. Chuck Palahniuk’s literary style is minimalistic and sarcasticoften deals with the themes of violence together with obsession, between novels, stories and some essays. The author’s father, together with the new partner he frequents in 1999, is murdered by her ex: during the man’s trial, Palahniuk requests the death penaltywhich is then applied. Admittedly homosexual, the writer lives with his partner, known at the time of the workshop, always in the state where he was born. Now, however, is the time to talk about his books.

Chuck Palahniuk best books

To address the poetics and themes characterizing the author’s work, we rely on a selection of those who, according to the editorial staff, are by Chuck Palahniuk the best books of his current production: here they are.

Chuck Palahniuk Fight club

For Chuck Palahniuk Fight club is the first novel of his career, released in 1996: it becomes a real one best seller after the director David Fincher draws the movie namesake with Edward Norton, Helena Bonham Carter, Brad Pitt And Jared Leto. Certainly among those who of Chuck Palahniuk are the most famous books, Fight club soon begins to be considered a cultsuch as the cinematographic work, for the representation of violence done in a sarcastic way and without too many mediations, as well as for the narration from the mold nihilistic. The story revolves around an anonymous narrator who is unable to deal with some serenity US company taxessuch as the cult towards the masculinity and the ruler consumerism. His act psychotherapeuticconsists in setting up a secret boxing clubwith the help of a his alter ego bold and rebellious. Although the author has always denied having been inspired by a real structure of this kind, both the novel and the film have triggered numerous phenomena of emulation, leading to the emergence of real “fight clubs” in the world. Perhaps not everyone knows that there is also a transposition version of the work musical curated by Palahniuk himself and the frontman of Nine Inch Nails Trent Reznoras well as a video game based mostly on the film, however not very popular with audiences and critics. In addition, the Italian edition of Fight club by Chuck Palahniuk contains an afterword by Fernanda Pivano.

Chuck Palahniuk To choke

The novel of Chuck Palahniuk To choke was released in 2001 and tells the story of Victor Mancini, a frustrated medical student afflicted with sex addictionwho has a psychopathic mother, Ida, with tendencies towards conspiracy theories and affected by Alzheimers. Since the woman is staying in an expensive nursing home, the son devises a method to pay the tuition: always going to different restaurants, he pretends to suffocate in each one, so that someone intervenes to save him, so he can be convinced to bond with him by providing keep it economically. Meanwhile, the elusive Dr. Paige Marshall appears in Victor’s mother’s clinic and offers to help the woman and her son, only to discover that she too is an intern at the facility. Another sub-track of the work concerns Victor’s friend, Danny, who is also addicted to sex: Danny works as an extra in the simulation of a village from the 1700s, a set on which there are strict rules and the actors are not animated by any passion for their role. In To choke by Chuck Palahniuk the themes of the neurosis and of psychosistogether with fiction relationships and society itself. Also in this case a is drawn film adaptation from the opera: it is about To chokedirected by Clark Gregg in 2008, with Sam Rockwell And Angelica Houston. The film wins the Special Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Chuck Palahniuk Lullaby

For Chuck Palahniuk Lullaby is the fifth novel, released in 2002. The protagonist, Carl Streator, is a forty-year-old widower who is a journalist: while working on a report on the sudden death of a newborn, he discovers the presence, in all the places where small children have recently died , of the book “Poems and nursery rhymes from all over the world“. The volume is always open to the page of an African lullaby, used to give the so-called “sweet death”. and that person dies.Carl, having almost involuntarily become a serial killer, teams up with a real estate agent to destroy all existing copies of the book. Lullaby by Chuck Palahniuk it is a work that uses the fantasy for bring out the anxieties of everyday life: from thriller to fantasy, up to satire, in the novel the themes dear to Palahniuk return, i.e. the annihilation of the protagonist due to a modernity mincer and its rebirth after a progressive, but total, transformation.

Chuck Palahniuk Guinea pigs

In 2005 Chuck Palahniuk publishes Guinea pigshis seventh novel, this time composed of 23 stories told by the protagonists, all aspiring writers. What binds them is an advertisement in a newspaper that promises a retreat in an ideal situation to immerse himself in writing, food and lodging included. This is actually a trap. With Guinea pigs Chuck Palahniuk criticize the world of Reality show he was born in success at all costsalways through his grotesque, haunting and dark scenes.

Chuck Palahniuk Anger

We specify that the full title of the novel by Chuck Palahniuk Angerfrom 2007, is Anger. An oral biography of Buster Casey. Having said that, the story is that of a phantom oral tradition that spreads in the community of Buster “Rant” Landru Casey about him: the disclosure goes hand in hand with that of the rabies epidemic that hits the area, it is said triggered by Buster himself. With Anger Chuck Palahniuk makes one parody sarcastic of the literary genre sci-fihis time travel and topics such as telepathy.

Anger. An oral biography of Buster Casey

Chuck Palahniuk Damn

As stated by Chuck Palahniuk Damn, from 2011, is part of a triptych of works. The one you say Chuck Palahniuk is the trilogytherefore, at the moment it consists, in addition to this first effort, of the novel Misfortune, released in 2013. The story tells of Madison Spencer, a sardonic, cynical and overweight thirteen year old who finds herself in hell, convinced that she died of a marijuana overdose. In the underworld she soon makes friends with other damned kids, discovering that in that place it is full of people condemned to the worst side of the afterlife for futile and grotesque reasons. The work is openly inspired by the characters in the film Breakfast club of 1985, as well as the works of the writer Judy Blume.

Chuck Palahniuk The invention of sound

The latest novel by Chuck Palahniuk is The invention of sound, from 2020, released in Italy in 2021. The protagonist of the novel is a woman specialized in sound effects for murders in films, in short, halfway between the voice actress and the noise maker. The genre of the novel is also a mixture of categories, betweenhorror and the noirthe Gothic and the surreal. Palahniuk is inspired by Mercedes McCambridgethe voice actress of The exorcist: Mercedes tells that, to make her voice so disturbing, at the time she ate raw eggs, smoked, drank whiskey and squirmed tied to a chair while pronouncing the lines of the film, furthermore the author claims to have interviewed many professional noisemakers. From the same year de The invention of sound and also Keep in mind thatpart autobiography and part writing course for aspiring literary stars.

Chuck Palahniuk: the violence and obsessions of real life