Claudio Amendola and Francesca Neri are separated

Of Maria Rosa Pavia

According to Il Messaggero, the documents are being examined by the Civil Court of Rome. The Cesaroni actor defended by the same lawyer as Francesco Totti

So it was true. Claudio Amendola and Francesca Neri have separated. Yet, after the voices about the breakup of the relationship, he he had denied forcefully: Not absolutely true, please. I don’t understand who could have spread such a rumor. An act required to get out of the spotlight and gossip but, in fact, the separation arrived on the table of a judge of the civil court of Rome. Amendola has the same lawyer as Francesco Totti, Antonio Conte, while Neri is defended by Paola Friggione.

The story runs on a parallel track of another VIP separation, the one now known between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi. But unlike the Captain and the presenter of the Island – twisted in a turbulent negotiation, with blows of designer handbags (for her) and Rolex watches (for him) — Neri and Amendola have reached right away a agreement extrajudicial. The documents have now been deposited in the chancelleries of viale Giulio Cesare, reports the Messengerwaiting to be homologated by the judge. So while Totti and Ilary argue about who stays in the mega villa in Eur and on the collection of designer shoes with the exchange of encrypted messages via social media, Amendola and Neri already have everything clear and are ready to leave this chapter behind.

The Cesaroni actor had already gone to live alone, leaving the house he shared with his wife as early as July. L’dwelling will remain to her which will also receive a monthly total of maintenance (do not note the figure). In addition, the 59-year-old will take care of the financially son of the couple, the 23-year-old Rocco. Thus closes the relationship that seemed stainless. The beginning of love on the set of Strong Hands with the complicity of wine as Claudio said: We were supposed to shoot a dinner scene where we were supposed to drink some Red wineand I asked her if she liked it and I was presented with a nice bottle that we drank and… galliot it was the bottle. I have madly in love and I made her fall in love with me too.

A long-lasting history, which reached the quarter of a century, and which had been sanctioned with the exchange of wedding rings a New York twelve years ago. The causes of the end of the relationship are not known but what is certain is that the confidentiality of the two actors allowed a dignified closure, without low blows and disparagements mutual.

Francesca Neri has been away from the sets for a few years due to an illness, chronic interstitial cystitis. AND Claudius he had stood by her in the hardest moments. The actress had revealed to Today: With so many moments of crisis, very hard days, quarrels. But there has always been. Claudio saved me. A care and respect that remained even when the love faded.

The Roman sky, however, also sees stories of a completely different sign. La Totteide or Tottiful – whether you prefer traditional or television studios – goes ahead with no holds barred. One of the last episodes of the separation between the two very rich and beautiful sees the Captain returning the luxury handbags to the now almost ex-wife while she still keeps her husband’s Rolex with her.

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October 27, 2022 (change October 27, 2022 | 10:41)

Claudio Amendola and Francesca Neri are separated