Colin Farrell thought “I’m a shitty actor” after Alexander’s bad reviews

When the film Alexander was released in 2004, director Oliver Stone and his actors expected great results. The reality, however, was very hard to digest.

Who believes that Colin Farrell be a good actor raise your hand.
Good. Your opinion will change after watching The spirits of the island (The Banshees of Inisherim), from February 2 at the cinema, thinking how exceptional this 46-year-old Irish actor is. The movie of Martin McDonagh it earned him the Volpi Cup at the last Venice Film Festival for an interpretation that projects it directly towards the ceremony of the Oscars®, where he will be one of the favorites to win the statuette for best actor. But perhaps you were already convinced of his talent by seeing him in the surreal The Lobsteror physically unrecognizable in The Batmanor in the recent Thirteen lives.

It’s been more than twenty years that Colin Farrell plays non-stop, in continuous artistic evolution. From that In line with the killer, small and brilliant thriller that rests entirely on his shoulders, the actor has been able to grow as a man and as an interpreter, fighting against addiction to drugs and alcohol from which he came out at the age of 30, considering himself very lucky because now it was on the path to self-destruction. Among his memorable films such as In Bruges, Miami Vice or 7 psychopathsthere is one that is remembered for what could have been and was not: Alexander.

Alexander: “We had tuxedos ready for the Oscars,” says Colin Farrell

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Farrell recounted the experience of the flop of Alexander. The 2004 blockbuster directed by Oliver Stone on the Macedonian leader Alexander the Great (budget 150 million dollars, six months of shooting on three continents) was a project hypothetically destined to enter the history of cinema. For merits more than for demerits. Things didn’t go as planned. Colin Farrell remember when the film was close to theatrical release:

Expectations are a dangerous thing. Alexander was a story Oliver Stone had dreamed of telling since he was a student. As big and global and political and gripping and violent and sensual as it was, it was a very personal story for him, as it was for me.

And when I say “expectations”, I mean we had tuxedos ready. And I’m not even kidding. We were ready to go to the Oscars which we considered as a done thing. Then the movie came out. And the reviews came out too. I remember someone saying, “Oh no, that’s not good.” My publicist said, “It’s not good at all”, and I was like, “What do you mean, ‘It’s not good?’

There was no Rotten Tomatoes at the time, so the reviews had all come out in the papers and, one after another, they said I should pack my bags. They called me “Alexander the idiot”, “Alexander the boring”, “Alexander the incomprehensible”, “Alexander the weak”. I thought “Holy cow, what can I do?”. I was engulfed in shame. I was at the point of asking everyone I met if they had seen Alexander to apologize. And I’m not kidding.

I went to Lake Tahoe alone for three days to disconnect from everything. I questioned myself and said “I’m a shitty actor, I suck. I had come into the film world with a little courage and a little bit of being Irish…”But yeah, what the fuck do I care”. I was 23 years old When you’re 23 and you want to do things right, you don’t know how to articulate it or how to relate to this desire. The simplest thing you can say is “I don’t give a fuck.”

Colin Farrell he further explains that he knows he was lucky enough to have the opportunity to reconnect with the simplicity “that should never leave the heart of what drives us to do what we do.” In the cast of Alexanderwhose trailer you can see below, were also there Angelina Jolie, Jared Leto, Val Kilmer, Rosario Dawson, Christopher Plummer And Anthony Hopkins. Director Oliver Stone over the years he reedited the film several times. The latest version, the Alexander’s Ultimate Cutis from 2014.

Colin Farrell thought “I’m a shitty actor” after Alexander’s bad reviews