Court of Appeals ruled in favor of TVN for “Mea Culpa: Ámbar in the sights of the psychopath” –

At the end of June, there was great expectation for TVN’s announcement about the miniseries that Carlos Pinto was preparing about Ámbar Cornejo, a teenager who was brutally murdered in Villa Alemana by Hugo Bustamante. The case itself caused a stir due to its crudeness, however, the most striking thing was that the perpetrator of the crime had starred in an episode of “Mea Culpa” years ago for having committed a similar crime.

Despite the fact that viewers were quite interested in the investigative work and the six-episode miniseries, “Mea Culpa: Ámbar in the psychopath’s sights”, Ulises Cornejo, father of the murdered young woman, protested. It should be noted that Pinto announced months ago that they would use the new format, because in a single chapter they would not be able to cover all the necessary information.

Given the complaints from Cornejo’s lawyers, TVN announced that the project would be temporarily suspended. “As a public channel, we reaffirm our commitment to protecting the rights of children and adolescents; and in the same way, we expressly and unanimously condemn all forms of gender violence”, they argued from the state signal.

In this context and after almost two months, this Thursday, the Court of Appeals announced that it ruled in favor of National Television, ruling out the existence of illegalities in the promotion and eventual broadcast of the program, although it made a special warning about future complaints. .

“The protection remedy is mainly referred to ostensible and determined actions that can or could produce harmful results to the injured parties, so in the present case it is not clear what the affectation and the transgression that is denounced at this time is”, reads in the bug, since the project is not yet released.

“Taking into consideration the different forms or ways in which a television program can, theoretically, approach a matter of nature that has been exposed, that is, of an informative, entertaining, documentary, criminological, or other nature, and to what degree may incorporate the dramatic, emotional or fictional elements already mentioned, in a greater or lesser depth of the respective contents, it is not possible, at this time, to conclude that by the mere fact of its future and eventual broadcast, the guarantees that are they have indicated in the resource”, they add from the entity

“The act, which is branded as illegal and arbitrary by the actors, has the nature of a mere advertisement for the exhibition of a television program, which currently constitutes only a project, therefore, its real content is unknown and in what way the constitutional guarantees that are said to have been violated could be affected”, it is stipulated.

Finally, the agency stated that the decision to give the favor to TVN is related to the right to freedom of expression to which the medium avails itself. “It will correspond, at the time, to discuss the rights that correspond to the respondent himself, in terms of the freedom of expression that assists him and his right to information and the broadcast of television programs of his category, which also hold a constitutional protection in its regard, so in that sense it will be necessary, eventually, to weigh up the opposing interests that may be manifested at the appropriate time, “concludes the text.

In this way, it is expected that National Television will soon announce the return and premiere of Carlos Pinto’s project under the title of “Mea Culpa”. In the same way, it will be necessary to see if Ámbar’s paternal family will file a legal resource again so that the broadcast does not take place.

Court of Appeals ruled in favor of TVN for “Mea Culpa: Ámbar in the sights of the psychopath” –