Dahmer on Netflix: Evan Peters makes subscribers completely addicted

Barely released on Netflix on September 21, the Dahmer mini-series worn by Evan Peters has already won over subscribers. Throwback to Ryan Murphy’s favorite actor to play the psychopaths.

All Ryan Murphy fans know him by heart now. Evan Peters appears in virtually every series from the super-producer. And Murphy having made a specialty of telling a disenchanted America through horror series and crime stories drawn from real events, the actor has become the emblematic antihero of his works.

He played different psychopaths in several seasons of American Horror Story. We keep a vivid memory of season 1 (Murder House) where he plays Tate Langdon, a teenager from the 90s anything but lambda. A true psychopath, committing various crimes, he is described as the Devil by Billie Dean (Sarah Paulson), his mother’s best friend.

In Season 7 (Cult), he’s traumatic as Kai Anderson, an extremist conservative, Donald Trump-worshipper who galvanizes other ultras to form some sort of doomsday cult. In this same season, Evan Peters slips into the skin of several characters including David Koresh known to have been the leader of a sect in the 90s, but also Charles Manson.

In Dahmer, the actor once again freezes the blood of Netflix subscribers by playing the terrifying Jeffrey Dahmer, a cannibalistic serial killer whose story is particularly shocking. Everyone hails his performance. Some even worry about his sanity after playing such a character.

Dahmer on Netflix: Evan Peters makes subscribers completely addicted