DC Superheroes: The brutal physical transformations of their actors

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Christian Bale, Tom Hardy, Henry Cavill, Jason Momoa… We all know what to play Batman, Superman, Bane or Aquaman among others Superheros needs an extra diet and training. And also, one physical transformation not suitable for all bodies. We have made a selection of the most brutal within the dc universeand the work of actors is worthy of admiration.

Uniervso DC: the physical transformations of the actors in superheroes

  1. Christian bale I went from anorexia in ‘El Machinista’ to the muscles of ‘Batman’ In less than a year. Christopher Nolan himself asked the Welsh actor to reduce the muscles a bit, since Bale quickly became too billet. But a few months, he was transparent and only ate 300 calories a day… The secret: pizza and ice cream 5 times a day for 5 months, with 3 hours of intensive exercise.

  2. J K Simmons, proof that you are never too old to change your body. To play Commissioner Gordon in ‘Justice League,’ the actor rolled up his sleeves and got to work. His diet had to change completely, and his training program was perfected over long weeks by a former Marine. The result was impressive and while Simmons didn’t get much screen time, let alone shirtless, he was worth it.

  3. Tom Hardy, accustomed to muscular roles, “extremely damaged his body for Bane.” The actor admits in more than one interview that the diet, exercise and supplements he had to adopt to play Bane destroyed his body. The use of supplements, weight training and all the chicken he had to eat completely transformed his body and his life.

  4. henry cavill is perhaps the most incredible transformation. From a slightly overweight kid to a Superman with not an ounce of fat left over, Henry Cavill has missed the superhero game. Recently, in the Netflix series The Witcher, the British actor surprised everyone with the size of his shoulders, which makes him have trouble not bursting the suits. Cavill likes to work out, and it shows.

  5. Ben Affleck and his Batman made him a wonder. Even the latest news speaks that the actor will return to the role in the movie ‘Flash’, so he will have to get back in shape. The first time, he took the role seriously, requiring her to follow a very strict diet along with weight training sessions that lasted several hours. All this to forge a body never seen before

  6. Jason Momoa he went from runway model to Aquaman. It’s hard not to mention Momoa when physical transformations are mentioned; First spotted by an agent when he was a surfboard salesman, he quickly became a Hollywood Hollywood star. On this occasion, he took the opportunity to gain almost 5 kilos of muscle.

  7. Ezra Miller It is the example that you can be very thin, and have an adrogynous aspect, to become a superhero. Although for his role in ‘The Flash’ he doesn’t take his shirt off very often, the actor put some muscle on him so as not to clash in the DC Universe. Cardio training was at the top of his priority list, he didn’t hesitate to hit the gym hard and the result is a very well-dressed Ezra Miller, who could even take on new challenges with Batman in the next Batman movie. the.

  8. Jared Leto he is the least loved Joker but one of the most muscular. Jared Leto’s version of the Joker is arguably the one that has received the most negative reviews, but nevertheless, his young, psychopathic character had a training regimen with the goal of becoming a “fighter”. “, which earned him a few hours of suffering in the gym.

DC Superheroes: The brutal physical transformations of their actors