Dirty John: Do the actors in this series inspired by a true story look like the characters they play? (PICTURES)

Adapted from a podcast, which proves that reality is sometimes stronger than fiction, the series DirtyJohn, broadcast on TF1, is really worth the detour. Here is a slideshow that reveals the faces of the protagonists of this true story.

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After Netflix, TF1 broadcasts the series DirtyJohn, based on real facts. The true story of Debra Newell, a businesswoman scammed by a psychopath. A beautiful and wealthy interior designer, an attractive doctor, sunsets…these ingredients of a rose-water romance turned into a recipe for a deadly nightmare for Debra. The eponymous adaptation of the journalist’s podcast Los Angeles Times Christopher Goffard, telling his story and that of John Meehan, brought to the small screen, is an incredible story, with a very unexpected outcome. And yet, everything is true!

dirty john : an incredible story… but true!

In the podcast dirty john, which includes several bonus episodes on the series, with interviews with the actors, Christopher Goffard, holder of the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, narrates with a talent of storyteller the true story of Debra Newell and John Meehan. Mother hen of two daughters, this seductive and intelligent businesswoman fell like an ingenue without knowing it into the arms of a sociopath, who seduced her on a dating site. From this fascinating podcast, Alexandra Cunningham pulled the excellent series dirty john, originally broadcast on the American channel Bravo, then on Netflix and now on TF1. An unusual story where love leads to death – we won’t tell you who… – in which the handsome and charismatic Eric Bana plays brilliantly Jon Meehan, pathological liar and drug addict. Bouquets of roses, kisses against the backdrop of the sunset, fiery declarations… the attractive con man captures Debra in his claws, a sweet and naive woman to whom the touching Connie Britton lends her features. This edifying series questions the relationship to appearances, the ability to lie to oneself and the pathologies in which one can lock oneself up. An unhappy love story that learns to be wary but also not to judge.

A stunning and… resembling cast for dirty john !

To give flesh to the protagonists of this affair which had a huge impact on the lives of each of them, the production called on actors who were not only convincing but also quite similar, as can be seen in our slideshow. The icing on the cake, you will even discover rare photos of the eldest daughter of Debra Newell who, since this tragic story, has preferred to remain anonymous. Do Connie Britton and Eric Bana look like Debra Newell and John Meehan? What are the faces of the daughters of Debra, the eldest Jacquelyn [rebaptisée Veronica dans la série] and the younger Terra, played by Juno Temple and Julia Garner? How is Debra’s mother played by the amazing Jean Smart? Answer in our slideshow.

Dirty John: Do the actors in this series inspired by a true story look like the characters they play? (PICTURES)