Disney+: Jackson White and Grace Van from Tell Me Lies are a couple?

Are Jackson White and Grace Van Patten, aka Stephen and Lucy in the Disney+ series Tell Me Lies, a couple?

“Tell Me Lies” is unanimous on Disney +. But Jackson White and Grace Van Patten, the two actors of the series, are they in a relationship in real life? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Tell Me Lies the success of Disney+

Recently released on Disney+, the “Tell Me Lies” series, is already delighting subscribers to the video-on-demand service. And this, for the simple and good reason that this is a moving creation. The toxic eight-year relationship between Lucy Albright and Stephen DeMarco“.

This is therefore the synopsis put online by our colleagues from Allociné. A summary that puts water in the mouth and which already announces episodes rich in emotions. Interviewed by Screen Rant, Grace Van Patten also confided in her role in the production available on Disney +.

For the actress, the love story between Lucy and Stephen is simply not possible. The reason ? He would be a psychopath. However, she still feels that he is a broken young man. “He had so much trauma in his life. He comes from a really dysfunctional family where his mother treats him badly. »

“Much of the series is about these two characters who project their traumas on each other. Stephen’s actions are a way for him to protect himself because he does not feel safe in his home environment. He doesn’t really let his guard down.”then explained the star of the Disney+ series.

Filled by her stage partner, she seems to have loved playing alongside him. “Jackson is so amazing. That part is so hard for an actor, being mean while still having empathy for people. I think he did a good job of humanizing it. » MCE TV tells you more about the series available on Disney+.

Jackson White and Grace Van Patten as a couple?

If the love story between Lucy and Stephen is toxic in the Disney+ seriesare the two actors who play his roles together in real life?

In any case, one thing is certain, it is that Jackson White fell in love with his partner. During an interview for the podcast “Not Skinny But Not Fat”, he had confessed his feelings for her.

I have such a crush on her. I hope that will happen. I do not know “, then confided the star of the Disney + series. He also added:

“He’s the coolest, most down-to-earth, amazing person. It’s crazy… She’s the best. I had a huge crush on her. I’m obsessed with her because she’s amazing. »

For his part, his co-star is very discreet. However, the pretty blonde also assured that she had a little something for her sidekick. Indeed, she even declared that the handsome brunette is her “ biggest crush ever“.

For the moment, nothing indicates that they have taken the plunge. It remains to be seen whether things have changed between the actors of the famous Disney+ series. Case to follow therefore… And very closely.

Disney+: Jackson White and Grace Van from Tell Me Lies are a couple?