Don’t stray (Netflix): who are Ken and Barbie, this surprising duo that could be the subject of a spin

These two ruthless killers dressed to the nines almost steal the show at Jush Combo (Megan Pierce) Richard Armitage (Ray Levine) James Nesbitt (Michael Broome) and Sarah Parish (Lorraine Giggs), the heroes of the recent serial adaptation of Harlan Coben’s novel, Don’t walk away. The fiction, relocated from the United States to Englandin what is one of significant differences between the series and the novelcaught the attention of the spectators of netflix, thrilled or destabilized by this wacky and cruel duo. Meeting with Ken and Barbie psychopath version, the new stars of Don’t walk awayin which Harlan Coben makes an ultra stealthy appearance.

Who are Poppy Gilbert and Hyoie O’Grady, the interpreters of Barbie and Ken in Don’t walk away ?

Don’t walk away makes introductions with the mysterious duo known as Barbie and Ken. Despite their innocuous names, they are two ruthless hitmen, hired to kill key witnesses and people involved in a disappearance case. These characters, played by Poppy Gilbert and Hyoie O’Grady literally dance on the show and their tidy looks and top-of-the-class physique mask something sordid and sinister. They use music and dance to distract their victims and torture them.

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Bethany Antonia, the interpreter of Kayleigh Shaw, confided that the dance routines that the duo perform throughout the series did not require a lot of repetitions. “They played with a lot of naturalness, they are phenomenal.” In an interview given to the English site RadioTimes, Richard Armitage also indicated that the strange tandem of Ken and Barbie had represented a “challenge“for the creative team.”They are characters that we really appreciate in the book and integrating them into a script and making them believable was probably one of the most difficult tasks.said the British actor, Having two murderers singing and dancing was a real challenge, but the actors are brilliant.”

Who inspired the characters of Ken and Barbie in Don’t walk away ?

Harlan Coben, who will see several of his other novels adapted on Netflix, revealed that her inspiration for Ken and Barbie came from a vivid memory from her youth. “At halftime at NFL football games in the 1970s and 1980s, there was a group called the Up With People, who put on an incredible performancehe confided. They were performing traditional Kumbaya songs and had fake smiles painted on their faces. Sitting there, I found myself thinking, “There must be more behind those fake smiles.” I thought it would be interesting if two of them were psychotic killers. These are the moments in the series where the viewer wonders where we are going and I like that. I think Ken and Barbie destabilize us. And yet, as eccentric as they are, there’s something about them that feels grounded and realistic..”

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Could a spin-off on Ken and Barbie see the light of day?

The director of Don’t walk away, Lindy Heymann, was thrilled with the end result, even suggesting that this might not be the last time we see Ken and Barbie. “I would be very surprised if, at some point, someone didn’t suggest producing a spin-off with Ken and Barbie, she said, Their early years and where they met are described in the book. And the characters are brilliantly played by Poppy Gilbert and Hyoie O’Grady. The chemistry between these two was amazing..” So there is a chance that Ken and Barbie will meet again on netflix!

Don’t stray (Netflix): who are Ken and Barbie, this surprising duo that could be the subject of a spin-off?