Durango. Lagunero stars in the film Infamy of the Almada Dynasty

With the participation of more than 100 actorsthe film Infamy, written and directed by Marcos Almadawill be released next November 26 in capital Durangoentity where it was filmed during august this year, with locations in Boca del Mezquital, Chupaderos, Nuevo Ideal, Villas del Oeste, the Hotel San Agustín and El Nayar, among others.

The actor Xava Tolvanera, protagonist in this story that recovers the memory of The Huipasthe name by which a group of serial killers belonging to the Yoreme-Mayo ethnic groupshared in an interview for MILLENNIUM that with this film the behavioral thread of the Almada cinemaalthough with a different vision, far from the vigilante character.

“I had to star in a movie with the Almada Dynasty and I’m happy to have this opportunity. It is a film that touches on a strong theme and very difficult to talk about today even at the time, since it is a story that occurred in a town near Huatabampo, Sonora, in the late forties. The story is from Yoreme-Mayo Indiansbasically it is a tragedy where four people are involved in marginalization conflicts, discrimination based on ethnic origin and rumors of sexual preferences”, he stressed.

Although the actor confirms that the framework of the story forces four men to live in social exclusion and is based on rumors about incest and homosexuality, however, this condition is the foundation for unleashing a revenge that horrified the community and the country in the middle of the last century.

“These are very tough issues that are still very delicate in these times, imagine yourself in an indigenous town with less than 100 inhabitants in the year of 1946where there are these rumors and some people are pointed out to practice what in those years was called the forbidden homosexuality As the story had a terribly tragic outcome, there are news headlines where it is curious and striking that they call it that, prohibited homosexuality… It is a story that has murders and very dense situationsbut the news at that time greatly highlighted this situation of the rumors of homosexuality and always accompanying it with the forbidden word, then, a series of events and circumstances unfold for the character that I have to interpret, who bears the name Eusebio Yocupicio, Well, it is who has to suffer this marginalization, these rumors and the marginalization due to their ethnic origin,” he explained.

With a thematic validity, in the same way the plot talks about the dispossession of land and abuses with overtones of classismallowing the context for his character to break out into psychopathy.

Xava Tolvanera is an actor who has worked in the cultural promotion and community art that, in the same way, is making its way in the cinema and digital platforms.

About his participation in the series “We are” from Netflix, He noted that although his role was apparently small, it ended up gaining another relevance.

“Now I am waiting for the premiere of a series in which we participated last year that will be presented in Amazon Prime and well, now we will have the movie premiere with the Almada family, which is quite a tradition, the surname is a legend in Mexican cinema and surely it will be a guarantee of success”, he acknowledged.

In Infamia, Xava Tolvanera shares credits with Ricardo Cárdenas, Gerardo García, Celso Cruz, Roberto Castrellón, Christopher Favila, José Quiñones and Javier Díaz.

The premiere will be at 6:00 p.m. at the Cineteca de Durango, then it can be seen on a cable movie television channel.

“The Almada family’s cinema has a very broad market but it is also a very well made film, it has very strong scenes, with very good photography and above all, it was recorded with one hundred percent Durango talent where two lagoons participated, but the Lagoon is also part of Durango… The young filmmakers from Durango and the Comarca Lagunera can learn a lot from this cinema, because sometimes we don’t need a budget as big as that of the platforms, but it is a cinema that teaches me that there is the possibility of capturing good stories, of giving the opportunity for young actors looking to make their way. For the publicDiscretion is recommended because it does have scenes of explicit violence, so it is recommended for adults,” he reported.

Xava Tolavenera noted that in the contemporary Mexican social context, very little has changed and 70 years after these events occurred, indigenous communities continue to suffer from dispossession, marginalization and social exclusionwhile sexual preferences continue to be taboo in the collective imagination and mental health a privilege for the privileged classes.

“It does leave you thinking that as a society, how much do we influence the tragic outcome of other lives, due to ignorance, ignorance or simple omission? Yes, it is a film worth watching and invites us to question what we do as a society when faced with these issues within a new era of Almada Productionstelling very diverse stories with the direction of Mark Almada”, he narrated.


Durango. Lagunero stars in the film Infamy of the Almada Dynasty