“El Rey”: who is who in the authorized bioseries by Vicente Fernández

As detailed by Jaime Camil, the entire cast of “El Rey” was selected by Caracol Televisión and approved by the Fernández family (Photo: Netflix)

On September 14 it premiered on Netflix The kingbioseries of Vicente Fernandez who recounts his anecdotes. This production stars Jaime Camil and Marcela Guirado, but also other great celebrities such as Raul Sandoval Y Natalia Jimenez joined the cast of this production authorized for him Charro from Huentitan and the Fernandez family.

The Serie The king comprises four stages in the life of Vicente Fernández, from childhood to adulthood, so the cast is extensive, around 40 actors that were relieving their characters in order to cover all the periods of Chente.

The main actors are Jaime Camilwho plays Vicente in adulthood; Sebastian DanteVicente in his youth; Sebastian GarciaVicente in his adolescence and Kaled AhabVincent in his childhood.

Sebastián Dante, Sebastián García, Kaled Acab and Jaime Camil were in charge of interpreting Vicente Fernández throughout his life

As the four actors shared Infobae Mexicofor all it meant a great responsibility bring the singer to the screen; nonetheless, all they supported each other to be able to carry out his character, working together and with the help of his acting coach.

Also Shelter coverswife Chente and better known as Dona Cuquitais also played by three different actresses: Ishkra Zavala (in childhood), Regina Pavon (in youth), Marcela Guirado (in adulthood).

Both Pavón and Marcela told this medium on the red carpet series what happened to them complicated being able to adapt to her character, because Cuquita is a unique woman, who had to go through a lot due to her husband’s career and who, until today, has been committed to supporting her family.

Marcela Guirado and Regina Pavón were in charge of playing the character of Refugio Abarca, who until today defends the legacy of her husband, Chente.

In addition to these main actors, in cosmology there are also people who were fundamental in the life of the interpreter of Return Return. Starting with his childhood, in the series we can see in the first chapters Enoch Leano as Vicente’s father, Marisa Sadra like his mom, Rodrigo Magana like Uncle David, Cassandra Iturralde like her sister Refugios and Camila Munoz Like her sister Theresa.

Over the years, the cast has a slight modification, being now Valentina Buzzuro who plays Teresa and in the role of Refugios we will find Seidy Bercht.

During the time spanning the years 1960 to 1966 there are also new actors as new characters are integrated. In this part are Ruben Zamora as Enrique (representative and mentor) and Camila Rojas such as Janeth (image consultant), who are part of Vicente’s work group.

Philip Arriagaone of the best friends of ChenteIs interpreted by Raul Sandovaland his wife Matilde is Sarah Montalvo; Secondly, Tico Gomezalso very close to the singer, is played by Erick Chapawhile his wife Rosa is alexa martin.

At this time also appears Verónica Landín the “eternal rival” of the charro, who was played by Gaby Espino. Nini Pavon is Dona Zuy and Stephen Sovereigns It’s Alberto Rios.

As for the family, the sisters of the Charro from Huentitan become Florence Rivers as shelters and Ana Paula Capetillo like Theresa.

Along the "The king"all the actors were supported by acting coaches so that they did not lose the sense of their character, both within Vicente's life and in the historical context (Photo: Instagram/@elreylaserie)
Throughout “El Rey”, all the actors were supported by acting coaches so that they did not lose the sense of their character, both within Vicente’s life and in the historical context (Photo: Instagram/@elreylaserie)

During the last stage of the series there are very few changes in the actors, but some are integrated as his representative Renato, played by Pepe Navarrete and the singer’s children: Gregory Urkijo as Vicente Fernandez Jr., lukas urkijo like Gerard and Ricardo Galina like Alexander.

In addition to them, there are some characters who have special roles, such as Natalia Jimenezwho plays Cornelia Velez (Chavela Vargas); Sara Mannywho appears as Lola, Vicente’s stepmother; Odysseus Bichir who acts as Pastor Miguel, among others.


“El Rey”: who is who in the authorized bioseries by Vicente Fernández