End of “Plus belle la vie”: the series had a difficult start

After 18 years of broadcasting, “Plus belle la vie” will finally come to an end. If the series has established itself as a soap opera, the beginnings were complicated.

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The last episode of “Plus belle la vie” will be broadcast this Thursday, November 17. A page turns for the viewers but also the actors. Today, the soap opera has become the unmissable event on France 3 and on Tipik, but this has not always been the case and the beginnings of the series were rather laborious.

However, some bases were already laid in the first episode. Viewers quickly discovered the imaginary Mistral district and its bar, at the heart of the intrigues, run by Roland Marci (Michel Cordes). A first family is presented, the Marcis, with François (Thierry Ragueneau), Blanche (Cécilia Hornus) and their teenage children, Lucas (Geoffrey Sauveaux) and Johanna (Dounia Coesens). Other outstanding characters are also present such as Mirta Torres (Sylvie Flepp) or Vincent Chaumette (Serge Dupire).

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But the sauce doesn’t take right away. For now, “Plus belle la vie” just feels like a soap, without too much drama. Viewers shun the soap opera and critics fall: “ After only a few weeks of broadcasting, the verdict falls, Plus belle la vie does not convince viewers “, can we hear in the documentary, which will be broadcast after the last episode, tomorrow evening, “ The greatest adventure of Plus belle la vie “.

Also in this documentary, Rebecca Hampton, who plays Céline Frémont, remembers: ” We got a bit full of it at the beginning “. Sylvie Flepp also adds: “ It didn’t work well because the stories weren’t crispy enough (…) There had to be drama “. It’s finally after three months, recalls BFM TVthat the series seeks to develop its intrigues by bringing in new locations, starting with the police station.

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Suddenly, the bad guys arrive, ranging from mobsters to psychopaths spreading terror in the neighborhood. Viewers are gripped by the tension and the endings. The actors remember having experienced many things thanks to their character. Rebecca Hampton recalls that Céline Frémont still went to prison, went to a psychiatric hospital and tried to kill Ninon Chaumette, played by Aurélie Vaneck.

Finally, the series decides to play the game of intrigue but also to anchor itself in the news. Everything is covered, disability, criminality, question of identity but also the evolution of the way we look at homosexuality. The recipe for a successful soap opera.

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End of “Plus belle la vie”: the series had a difficult start