Execution of Pascal Marmet

The novel Execution by Pascal Marmet was published by “M+Editions”. This is a Lyon house resolutely turned towards thrillers, thrillers and police. In the worthy continuity of this editorial line which pleases the French public so much, the book is presented in the form of a breathless investigation, in which the reader is never bored. The writer Pascal Marmet is the author of other works including Dressed to the ninespublished by Éditions Michalon in 2015.

The book follows the journey of Commander Chanel, responsible for resolving the investigation into the death of a collector. A name that also appears in the excellent Execution. A man who “knew how to recognize the evil and the good at their fair value”. This main character, renowned for his calm and meticulousness, is an investigator, profile. Thanks to a careful organization of chapters which unfold with fluidity, the reader discovers the various protagonists and actors of this dynamic scene. Moreover, Pascal Marmet perfectly masters his subject, using terms specific to judicial or police jargon: this famous criminal brigade. In the “crimes”We are talking about “derust” or of ” gather “. With this particular lexicon, the reader is immersed in a realistic and very believable bubble. The action takes place in Paris, in 2016 – and more precisely at the legendary quai des Orfèvres. This place prized by writers is subject to many myths. It is not for nothing that many French television series choose this site to deal with criminal cases. Both historic and majestic, it impresses and intrigues. It is therefore a perfect place to uncover the mystery behind the murder of lawyer Nicolas Fender…

Corruption at its best: Execution by Pascal Marmet

But who could attack this “romantic” of the bar, a sixty-year-old dean with an exemplary career? Regulars of the detective novel already know it: one must always be wary of appearances. For this unconditional fan of Gustave Flaubert and his colossal work Madame Bovary, things quickly get complicated. After an introduction, death happens. In a parking lot, a shadow plants a syringe in his neck and hears playing with him. Despite sometimes pompous dialogues, the elegance of the pen gives character to this short book, which can be read in just a few hours. The chapters are short enough to keep the reader engaged. In addition, Pascal Marmet has a good command of “plot-twists” and other “cliffhangers” which confuse the reader and reset the counters to zero. In this investigation where it is difficult to accuse quickly, the leads are very thin. It all started in the worst conditions for François Chanel and his team: no evidence, and a perfectly cleaned corpse. Very quickly, the idea of ​​a professional killer arises. To discover the identity of the assassin, the policeman collaborates with his colleagues, including the unpleasant medical examiner, Pratt. Paranoid and authoritarian, the autopsy is clear: the torture implies that the psychopath wanted to keep his victim alive. The author wears size 46 and the presence of strange traces including small hands disturbs the investigators. Supported by Alain, a patient from Sainte-Anne suffering from the syndrome of the “acquired scientist”, Chanel sees great potential in him. This young man is indeed endowed with an extraordinary analytical mind, like the famous Will Graham in the saga of Thomas Harris, Hannibal. The latter puts himself in the shoes of psychopaths, adopts their point of view. In the book Execution, Alain suffers from convulsions but also from visions, from an almost supernatural gift. This is not the only element that the author attaches to the occult, since a key character is clairvoyant.

A fascinating investigation

In this investigation, a surprising profile seems to emerge – concerning the author of this heinous crime. Other characters involved in the case will find themselves in bad positions. Thanks to Alain’s “powers”, the procedure progresses little by little. And when eroticism invites itself into a police case, the turn of events becomes even more crisp and mysterious. What is the motive? This victim does not seem so innocent: embezzlement and settling of scores, the reader struggles to feel compassion for this dark and deeply disturbed man. Finally, references to the work of Flaubert Madame Bovary are particularly tasty. Fans of this great author, one of the most famous French artists, will appreciate the parallels between Execution and the heroine Emma. Manipulations, lies and corruption mingle in this organic and terrible picture. The progress of the police investigation is made step by step, without cutting corners. Finally, the “final” and the revelation explode at the culmination of this work carried out by a master’s hand.

A clever novel

In conclusion, the detective story Execution deals with taboo subjects, without ever falling into provocation. By playing with the nerves of his readership, Pascal Marmet signs an intelligent and entertaining novel. Even if the identity of the killer is revealed quickly, this allows the reader to discover an investigation in another way, as if he too was an accomplice in these atrocities. Guaranteed and particularly immersive experience…

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