Five horror movies and with which you will be scared of Netflix

The new horror cinema has room for all the tributes to the most classic codes of the genre, ghosts, monsters and other creatures. Reality usually surpasses fiction, in recent years the greatest successes range from the most fantastic to the most realistic.

In recent years this genre has left us some real gems to have a good time. To enjoy a terrifying weekend, we come to offer you five highly recommended movies that we can enjoy thanks to Netflix.

‘A peaceful place’

A film that has in its cast an actress of the stature of Emily Blunt. Oscar nominee for best sound effects.

A family has managed to survive some creatures that attack you without making the slightest sound, which forces them to live almost without speaking and with great care, but it will be difficult being about to give birth.

‘The witch’

A film that triumphed at the independent film awards, and thanks to which we enjoy the spectacular performance of the debutant actress Ana Taylor-Joy (‘Queen’s Gambit’).

New England, 1630. A couple of Christian settlers, with five children, lives near a forest that, according to popular belief, is dominated by evil. When the newborn son disappears and the crops fail to grow, the family members rebel against each other: a supernatural evil lurks in the nearby forest.


One of the Spanish films with the highest number of nominations for the Goya Awards, a total of seven. Directed by Paco Plaza, a master of terror. It is also a film inspired by the Vallecas case of the 90s.

In the middle of the night, the police receive a call. Between screams of terror, some children warn of the presence of strange phenomena in their apartment, in the heart of a working-class neighborhood. Two days earlier, Veronica, the older sister, had played with a Ouija board at school. Without knowing it, she has opened the door to something supernatural, which in the following hours will be installed in her house. It will become increasingly uncontrollable, and, above all, dangerous.

‘The hole’

‘El hoyo’ benefits from the strength of its simple premise and the superfluous information that is hidden from the viewer. We don’t mind not knowing why they are placed this way, where the only sustenance is the filthy, falling stone slab, piled high with food.. What is more curious are the good dishes that the cooks work hard to send to the damned.

The important thing about this film is knowing how to see the differences in the human reaction to this situation. The way different personalities react to adversity with an “us or them” mentality, or a predatory hunger, or a spontaneous drive toward self-sacrificing altruism.

The fact that the position of the prisoners is constantly changing is key: it gives them a reason to be the change they want to see in their world.

‘Do not breathe’

This film turns out to be a reformulation based on the protagonist’s blindness. Fede Álvarez stands up to his second feature film, in this case through the original script that he himself and his regular collaborator Rodo Sayagues have written for the occasion. Again under the production of Sam Raidi, ‘Don’t Breathe’ offers us a really absorbing, claustrophobic and brutal thriller that is capable of maintaining tension, thanks to the power of a frenetic pace.

The cast of this great film is made up of: Jane Levy (who repeats with Álvarez after ‘Infernal Possession’), Dylan Minnette (’13 reasons why’) and Daniel Zovatto (‘It follows’). These three play a group of thieves in prey to their victim, a bloodthirsty blind psychopath brought to life by the incredible actor Stephen Lang (‘Avatar’).

Five horror movies and with which you will be scared of Netflix