Furor on Netflix: the story behind the miniseries that is resolved in four chapters of one hour each

Furor on Netflix: the story behind the miniseries that is resolved in four chapters of one hour each – Credits: @shutterstock

the productions based on real cases are a success in Netflix. Increasingly, the series and films of this category climb positions in the top 10 global giant streaming. This was demonstrated, for example, by Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, inspired by the crimes of the serial murderer, or Inventing Anna, centered on the figure of Anna Delvey, the young German woman who pretended to be a millionaire. A new documentary arrived on the platform on January 4th and in just one week he managed to position himself in the global ranking.

In this case, the theme that conquered viewers last week was economic deception. and the protagonist is Bernie Madoffwho was he creator of one of the largest pyramid schemes in the capital market. That’s how he told it Madoff: The Wall Street Monstera documentary series of just four episodes that premiered last Wednesday and that today is in seventh place in the global ranking of Netflix, with more than 23 million cumulative playback hours.

Madoff, who died on April 13, 2022 at age 82, managed to put together a financial pyramid of 65 billion dollars and was serving time in a federal prison in USAafter being sentenced to 150 years in jail. The man presented himself for decades as a successful businessman and trusted by Wall Street, while secretly committing investment fraud. In addition, he was founder and president of the firm that bears his name.

ARCHIVE-.  Bernie Madoff recognized  scam thousands of people.  (AP Photo/Louis Lanzano, file)

ARCHIVE-. Bernie Madoff acknowledged scamming thousands of people. (AP Photo/Louis Lanzano, file)

So, the docuseries directed by Joe Berlinger and narrated by Marla Freeman It consists of four chapters of about an hour long, which recount the rise and fall of the scammer ex-investor, and are divided into: A liar, not a loser; in closed mouth…; turn a blind eye; Y the price of trust

More releases in 2023

the giant of streaming ripped the New Year and announced several premieres that will arrive during 2023 on Netflix. Par excellence, subscribers received with great enthusiasm confirmation of the second season of merlinstarring Jenna Ortega, after the brand new success of the first installment. But it was not the only surprise for the subscribers of the platform.

In this context, the second installment of the series will arrive in the coming months Vikings: Valhalla; The Lincoln Lawyer, Heatstopper, Our Planet, sweet toothshadow and bone either The Sandman. Meanwhile, season 4 of I never and the mythical series sex education; as well as a third of Outer Banks and the fifth of A place to dream and of Formula 1: Drive to survive.

In addition, the psychopath will also return to Netflix Joe Goldbergin the fourth season of you. This time, Penn Badgley he will adopt a new identity and move to London. The production will also bring a completely different cast to past installments and will feature more than 10 new new characters to relate the new sequence of the “professor”.


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Furor on Netflix: the story behind the miniseries that is resolved in four chapters of one hour each