Gerardo Romano: profile of a great provocateur who does not escape controversy

Lawyer, exrugbier, actor and militant. With him was inaugurated the nickname of sex symbolsa category that seemed apply only to women until then. “At the time I was a heartthrob, it was in spite of myself. I didn’t care much, but I took advantage of that role, I let myself go, I satisfied whatever was the consequence of all that without any prejudice or guilt, “he confessed. Gerard Roman a THE NATION about those moments of greatest television boom.

With a career spanning more than four decades, this 76-year-old actor became popular on shows like The children of López, The White Widow, Danger Zone, Mark of Desire Y Like you and me while in theater he stood out in works such as Sex, drugs and Rock&Roll, Our Father Y An ordinary Jew. silent movie lover, The Escape, The Cordillera Y Today the world is fixed are among his most popular film credits.

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What many do not know is that this film, theater and television artist was a law professor at the UBA, served in the Ministry of Justice (he was Head of the Proceedings Division), was the custodian of former president Arturo Illía and the former president of facto Juan Carlos Onganía, and had a fleeting professional stint in the world of rugby. And although he never imagined that he would dedicate himself completely to acting, some personal circumstances and the arrival of the last military dictatorship led him to change the course of his life almost 180 degrees.

“Two circumstances intersected. The sport that has an early old age. And the dictatorship of ’76, where militancy ended. I had a lot of political participation and that was the end. With all that free time, I signed up for a theater course and that’s where I started”, he commented in an interview with relentless last May.

Although the world of laws and scrums are in the past, his political commitment and militancy remain intact to this day. In fact, his ideas, his opinions and his verbiage have confronted him on more than one occasion with colleagues, politicians and journalists. “I owe myself to my feelings and my thoughts and nothing else. Speaking and saying what I think is stronger than me”, He is justified every time he is asked about his explosive public reactions.

Born on July 6, 1946, Gerardo Romano is one of those actors who has managed to stay current over the years. Since his debut in the 1970s, he has made his mark on film, stage and television with memorable roles and characters.

From starring in soap operas like Rebel and lonely, Alone Y Barbara Narvaez, went on to show his versatility in projects like Risk zone, High comedy, The usual seekers, Final time, Female killers and Clinical history. Recently, it could be seen in streaming series such as The fringe Y Maradona: blessed dream.

Together with María Leal, in a scene from season 5 of El Marginal
Together with María Leal, in a scene from season 5 of El Marginal

In fact, this year the actor once again put himself in the shoes of Sergio Antín in The Marginal 5, a character as corrupt as he is an introvert who throughout the four seasons has generated love and rejection at the same time. “It is that he has a great magnetism. Antín is a character with a lot of power, very wealthy, with little ethical and moral solidity. Generally, the psychopath feels a certain amount of paranoia and very little guilt; he does not suffer from psychic pain due to the evil that he can cause with his behavior ”, he reflected while noting that to compose it he was inspired by certain characters of the political reality that influence him.

In theater -and curiously since 2015- he has been shining with An ordinary Jew; a play dealing with religion, God, life after death and genocide. “I have a huge attraction and respect for this work. It is by far the most important work I have ever done. Seven years passed and the work was infinitely inferior to what it is today because, as it is a one-man show and I don’t have to answer to anyone, I have been doing a job of polishing, of improvements and I have greatly enriched the dramatic material”, told in an interview with THE NATION.

It was not necessary to read the script for Romano to say yes as soon as the proposal arrived. “One day my representative called me on the phone and told me: ‘I’m here with a man who has a play for you, which is about Nazism, about a sociologist whom a high school teacher invites to attend his class to debate with his students the subject of Judaism’. I immediately told him: ‘I want to do it’. Without even reading it because I already knew that the topic was very interesting to me, ”he explained.

Father of Lucio (35) -fruit of his relationship with actress Andrea Bonelli- and Rita (17) -fruit of his relationship with Romina Krasinski-, Romano defines himself as a very present father. As his daughter lives in Uruguay and he also has a house on the eastern coast, he usually crosses the pond quite often. “I deeply love Uruguay because I have spent much of my life there and I was self-exiled,” he confessed.

Gerard Roman
Gerard RomanGerardo Viercovich

Regarding his sentimental life, the actor is not in a relationship, although last summer he claimed to be in love. “As long as one falls in love, as long as one has love capacity, one does not age”, He reflected without revealing the identity of the woman in question. What she did notice is that this love was not reciprocated.

Gerardo Romano always stood out as a very controversial character. Over the years, he has starred in many crosses for defending what he thinks, and found himself in the eye of the storm on more than one occasion due to the occasional media outburst. However, some co-workers also reported situations of mistreatment and abuse that they had suffered from him while they shared a project.

Some time ago, the late actress Mariana Prommel recounted a situation she experienced with him on the Polka set. “We recorded together Wolf. It was the first time she worked there and she was surrounded by men, in one scene she brought him breakfast and his character was in a robe, he opens his robe and says: ‘Come, come, put the tray here for me’, pointing to his virile part”, said the interpreter still very moved.

However, that was not the only awkward moment she experienced with him: “I was a maid. We were in the kitchen. I let someone in. He (Gerardo Romano) was like hallucinating. And he had to tell me: ‘I don’t want you to ever let anyone in without my permission again.’ I would tell him, ‘Well, excuse me, sir.’ And he tells me: ‘If you do it again… I’m going to cut your clitoris with a tramontine,’ she revealed in confronted who at that time did not say anything publicly, but knew how to defend himself.

In the last hours, another actress -Paula Di Chello- also accused the artist of having pushed her against the wall, kissed her and bit her lip until she bled while recording love is said; the telenovela produced by Enrique Estevanez in 2005.

Although the situation took place several years ago, it only came to light this week. “It was a disaster. A horror. And at that time you couldn’t talk about it. We were in the recording of a novel by Quique Estevanez. They were the first chapters. Romano’s character had a trout clinic, dark, and he was poisoning a millionaire lady, and I was his secretary, ”recalled the actress and writer in the cycle happy moms days ago. There, Romano composed Octavio Ocampo, one of the villains in the novel who held Juana Benegas (Silvia Kutika) captive in her own clinic. Di Chello’s character was Tania, Ocampo’s henchwoman.

The scene Paula Di Chello talked about this week
The scene Paula Di Chello talked about this weekvideo capture

“In one of the scenes, in a corridor, without it being scripted, he puts me against the wall, fits a pacifier in me, bites my mouth and makes me bleed,” the actress recalled and added: “The kiss, put it on, but the bite until blood comes out of my lip… What need? After assuring that she has it recorded, Di Chello said that she never came across the actor again, but if she had, she “would have slapped him.”

As for why she didn’t report it at the time, the actress explained: “He was a very famous actor and I was not; he had a lot of experience and I didn’t. There was a power issue that was difficult to get around, too. I knew that if he made any kind of problem or complaint, they were going to kick me out… The decision to leave the novel was made by me, but many times women do not want to say so because they fire us, they cancel us. It’s something that keeps happening.”

Gerardo Romano: profile of a great provocateur who does not escape controversy