Halloween: here are the best movies and series to watch on the Disney+ platform

Oh Halloween! A prosperous period for all lovers of horror cinema (and series). Whether costumes are more popular across the Atlantic that in our country, fans of this very specific genre are celebrating for a few days, and on October 31 in particular. Of course there is masterpieces, indisputable, staring at the well-hung stomach. On the platforms, psychopaths, monsters and other apparitions are legion. Télé Loisirs has chosen the best programming for you to tremble in front of your computer, television or smartphone. So, if you dare, here is our selection on Disney+.

The best movies to watch on Disney+ for Halloween

Fly : Seth Brundle has invented a revolutionary teleportation process and tests his invention himself, without suspecting that a fly has entered the device with him… Between science fiction and metaphysics, David Cronenberg signs an exciting and rich horrific fable, where he questions the limits between animality and humanity. very impressive, the transformations of our poor hero always appear in the best-of of the genre.

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signs : A former pastor faces strange phenomena in Pennsylvania. The formidable talent of M. Night Shyamalan works at full speed in this gripping enigmatic story, where Mel Gibson is perfect.

The village : A village lives recluse, frightened by the creatures that dwell in the surrounding woods. Visual mastery and the know-how of M. Night Shyamalan (Sixth Sense) make this fantastic thriller fascinating.

Edward Scissorhands : Once upon a time there was a creature… with scissors instead of fingers. Quintessence of Tim Burton’s cinemathis unique fairy tale has kept all its poetic strength and magic for more than thirty years.

The strange Christmas of Mr. Jack : Imagined by Tim Burton, this superb Christmas tale is both poetic and disturbing, magical and moving. The animation, frame by frame, adds to the charm of this unique and seductive film.

Alien (Complete saga): Since the first opus by Ridley Scott, space is no longer the same. The entirety adventures of the xenomorph (8 films), perfect predator, is to be (re)discovered, with works as different as they are terrifying.

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The hills Have Eyes : The Carter family crosses part of the United States in a motorhome and soon falls into a fatal trap. A terrifying and highly effective remake of Wes Craven’s classic. Sensitive souls refrain !

The Rocky horror picture show : Cult, this rock and fantasy parody of Frankenstein has not aged a bit. Even if the show is worth discovering in theaters, let yourself be carried away by Tim Curry and others.

28 days later : A terrible virus turns humans into the living dead. In London, only a few individuals try to escape contamination and survive. Danny Boyle signs this skilful cocktail of suspense and gore cinema, served by an astonishing cast and a very efficient production.

The best series to watch on Disney+ for Halloween

American Horror Story (Complete series): Scaring viewers without scaring them away… a complex equation that Ryan Murphy solves with this anthology, in which each season revisits horror themes with the same actors, in different roles. The haunted house, the circus, the hotel of vampires, the sorority of witches, the psychiatric hospital… all carried by disturbing actors and visual universes to give shivers to the most hardened amateurs.

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American Horror Stories : Ryan Murphy never ceases to decline his creation in all sauces. Here, it’s about ghosts and spirits of the past… Always in the form of an anthology and with the style we know!

Fresh : It’s well known, you don’t just come across good people on dating sites, but in the fruit and vegetable section of the supermarket either! The pretty and friendly Noa experiences this when she meets the attractive Steve. This handsome surgeon is going to fall under her spell, to the point of wanting to… devour her. Literally. Without a gore sequence but with a lot of second degree, a black comedy on a singular subject!

The top films and series from Télé-Loisirs for Halloween

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Halloween: here are the best movies and series to watch on the Disney+ platform