‘He got super mad’: Fan strangled by actor Ezra Miller tells her version of the scene

In 2020, Ezra Miller was violent with a young Icelander, leaving a bar. The latter has just come out of silence to explain the circumstances of this altercation.

Iunpredictable. In 2020, actor Ezra Miller shocked internet users by grabbing one of his admirers by the throat. He had addressed to her: “Oh, you want to fight? Is that what you want to do?”, before tackling her to the ground. Filmed and posted on social networks, the sequence of a few seconds obviously caused a stir. Since then, the actor The Flash is at the heart of many similar charges. An article from Inrockspublished on July 4, draws truth from falsehood in this shocking scene between the 29-year-old comedian and the young Icelander.

According to her and other locals, Ezra Miller was a regular in Reykjavík’s bars. It is in the Icelandic capital that, among other things, was filmed Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets (2022). Following an interruption in filming, due to the pandemic, the interpreter of Croyance Bellebosse would have become friends with the inhabitants. After talking with him in a bar, the young woman in the video would have slipped to him, in the course of a joke, “that she was not afraid to confront him”, reports Les Inrocks, based on his testimony to the magazine Variety. The fan would then have seen Ezra Miller “suddenly changing mood”.

“Suddenly he threw himself on me, choking me and shouting at me”

“It was just a joke, of course, but he took it literally and went super crazy,” she told Variety. Grabbing his cell phone, one of his friends then begins to film the scene at the exit of the bar. “Suddenly he threw himself on me, choking me and shouting at me to know if I wanted fights me. My friend, who was filming the scene, realized he was obviously not kidding, so he stopped filming and pushed him away as he was still trying to fight me,” the Icelander recalls. “It’s what you wanted! This is what you wanted!”, Ezra Miller then hits him, while two friends of the young woman are going to hold him back.

If this scene can be the source of a misunderstanding, the various testimonies of the locals agree on the fact that the actor of Charlie’s World (2012) is an unpredictable and… impulsive person. “There was always something going on with Ezra,” recalls Carlos Reynir, the bartender on site. However, the latter regrets the sympathetic actor he knew, reporting: “He had this wonderful image of a little bundle of joy, with a completely open mind, ready to help and talk to anyone”.

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‘He got super mad’: Fan strangled by actor Ezra Miller tells her version of the scene