House of the Dragon, the showrunner warns: ‘Aemond Targaryen is not a psychopath’

The first season of the spin-off of game of Thrones, House of the Dragon, the main showrunner of the project Ryan Condal was able to extensively analyze the story told in this first cycle of episodes, focusing on the plot and some salient characters. Among them is Aemond Targaryenamong the most striking of the entire HBO show.

We remind you that THIS ARTICLE IS MARKED AS A SPOILER so do not proceed with reading if you have not seen the season finale of House of the Dragon.

The first season of House of the Dragon concluded Sunday night, with a chilling murder in the clouds. Aemond tried to take revenge on Lucerys for scarring his eye when they were children, and chased him through a storm on dragonback to try to prove his intentions. What he hadn’t anticipated, though, was that the great dragon Vhagar had a mind of its own. Even though Aemond had told the beast to stop. Vhagar killed Lucerys and her dragon, sending them crashing to Earth.

While Aemond has certainly been ruthless and evil throughout the series, it was clear he had no intention of killing Lucerys right now. For showrunner Ryan Condal and the House of the Dragon creative team, that was a pivotal moment. They wanted to prove that Aemond wasn’t really a psychopath, but that his actions have consequences.

Aemond is definitely not blameless in what happened to Luke. But Aemond was also a bullied child who for part of his life was teased because he didn’t have a dragon“, Condal told the Hollywood Reporter. “Now he has it, and he rides the biggest dragon in the world. I think he was proving to his rival that he wouldn’t be intimidated and that he wouldn’t let himself be fooled, it’s probably more important than trying to become a killer of his own kin, which Aemond would do in a very uncalculated and stupid way at first , as the pieces start moving on the chessboard and loyalties are established and you try to figure out who will make a marriage pact to secure your army… for Aemond to drop nukes from the very beginning and unleash a full-blown Dragon War that would be very silly, but that’s exactly what he ends up doing, because things get out of hand and out of control. It’s a complex scene. Aemond isn’t blameless, but neither is he a psychopath without a logical train of thought“.

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The House of the Dragon ending clocked the record for HBO since the GoT finale.

House of the Dragon, the showrunner warns: ‘Aemond Targaryen is not a psychopath’