How Johnny Depp is profiting from the lawsuit with Amber Heard

In the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the actor managed to rally public and media opinion to his cause. A matter which nevertheless requires nuance.

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In the United States, the people planet has been shaking since April 11. On several occasions, Amber Heard has claimed to have been the victim of domestic violence during her relationship with Johnny Depp. In 2018, she called herself a victim of domestic violence in the columns of the Washington Post. In order to dismantle these allegations, the actor filed a libel suit against his ex-wife. According to him, these accusations are false and cost him his career.

Rehabilitation operation

In Virginia, at the Fairfax County Court, Johnny Depp is trying to restore his image. Its objective is clear: to seduce the world and discredit Amber Heard. A strategy that seems to be paying off. The alleged acts of violence of the American actor towards his ex-wife often seem to be evaded in favor of the pro-Depp discourse. A more seductive speech. Choosing sides is commonplace in a trial but, in this case, the victims are executioners and vice versa.

The hero of Pirates of the Caribbean described the actress as psychologically unstable and violent. During the trial, a psychologist hired by the lawyers of Johnny Depp, said that Amber Heard, given the ailments from which she suffers, could react violently. An argument that highlights two elements. The cliché of the hysterical woman prevails over male violence. But a male victim of domestic violence remains an underestimated phenomenon.

Discredit to reign better

The legal-media war also takes place outside the court. On TikTok, the cosmetics brand Milani points to an inconsistency in Amber Heard’s speech. The actress claims that she used a make-up palette from the brand to camouflage the bruises inflicted by Johnny Depp. But according to Milani, when the couple split in 2016, the palette in question didn’t exist. A meaningless argument that destabilizes the defense of Amber Heard.

The DailyMail newspaper, meanwhile, seized on another equally crazy accusation launched by several Internet users. According to them, the actress copies the looks of her ex-husband worn during the confrontation in court. One example: On the first day of the trial, Johnny Depp sported a Gucci tie affixed with a gold bumblebee, and two days later Amber Heard wore a similar tie. What support the thesis of a psychopath wanting to harm the adulated Johnny Depp.

There’s something to be horrified about when makeup and fashion come into the media as arguments to discredit Amber Heard. A palette and a tie (almost) gloss over the terrifying evidence of death threats made by Johnny Depp.

Married for two years, the two Hollywood stars spread their private lives through this trial. Using written, video and audio evidence, they mutually illustrate each other’s violent behavior. A toxic relationship in which the two ex-lovers have their share of responsibility. It is for the public, and especially the media, not to choose sides in a complex case where no protagonist is innocent.

How Johnny Depp is profiting from the lawsuit with Amber Heard