I Came By review with Hugh Bonneville as serial killer

The actor, best known for his role on the TV drama “Downton Abbey,” plays a stylish retired lawyer and advocate of immigrant rights.

Casting Hugh Bonneville for the role of a psychopathic killer is just one of the tricks that elevate “I Came By” above the normal serial-killer thriller. After reigning at Downton Abbey, Mr. Bonneville does not seem to have the face of a serial killer capable of making young people living in London disappear.

But appearances often deceive.

Director Babak Anvari, who worked on a screenplay he co-wrote with Namsi Khan, does not try to make Sir Hector Blake (Bonneville), a retired lawyer and immigrant rights advocate, pass for something other than what he is. The best move was to make him, at least initially, a more truthful character than his antagonists. Toby and Jay (George MacKay and Percelle Ascott), have waged a graphite war against London’s wealthy, breaking security systems and painting “I Came By” on any wall that can accommodate their talent as graffiti artists. . The point, as Jay realizes, albeit slowly, is that Toby is some kind of fundamentalist who doesn’t even get along with his good mother. Toby is devoted to his rather useless campaign against those he perceives as members of an elite to which Blake, on the surface, does not belong at all: he has said goodbye to his legal career and has gone against the establishment. It should be someone Toby admires, but in his Maoist stubbornness he doesn’t. When Jay’s girlfriend Naz (Varada Sethu) announces that she is pregnant with her, he leaves the graffiti business very maturely to devote himself to her. Toby, alienatingly resolute, sees this as a betrayal. Let’s say Toby’s character doesn’t work like Bonneville’s or Jay’s.

The trailer for I Came By is a bit misleading about Mackay’s on-screen presence.

The story develops well for the first 45 minutes or so, but the script is incredibly patchy. In the second act the film focuses more on Liz and Jay as they try to solve the mystery of Hector’s house. The whiplash effect, however, does more harm than good to the script. That’s because Toby isn’t a character to be type for. He has no redeeming characteristics and is very misinterpreted by George Mackay.

Speaking of acting, they almost act really well, with Hugh Bonneville able to stand out from the other actors, despite the shoddy material he was given by the creators of I Came By. The film picks up in the final act and the ending is rather unpredictable and gripping.

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The review

I Came By


  • Hugh Bonneville manages to stand out
  • Thrilling ending


  • George Mackay is not a character to root for
  • Poor script

I Came By review with Hugh Bonneville as serial killer